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Property: The common estate agent advice to avoid when moving home – expert warning

The experts said: “If your property has been on the market for a while now and you’re not securing many viewings, estate agents will sometimes offer extra advertising for a fee.

“Before taking this, it’s worth considering what this extra advertising is and if it’s worth you paying for it.

“It’s in their interest to sell your property, so what is the extra advertising that they’re offering and why have they not been doing it since your house went on the market?

“There are lots of easy ways agents can get more money out of you, so being wary can save you unnecessary costs.”


Read the small print

Before signing up with an agency, the experts explained sellers must read through all terms and conditions.

“Estate agents are a business for a reason,” they continued.

“Don’t agree to anything until you know all of the details and outcomes.

“Estate agents are salespeople and whilst they may be very charismatic, you want to make sure that the money that they’re getting from you is on your terms, not theirs.

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The experts continued: “Many estate agents will have offers to encourage you to give them your business, such as discounts for using in-house mortgage brokers or conveyancing services.

“Sometimes these can be easier, but it’s important to remember that the saving you’re getting may get added on somewhere else.

“Also going through an in-house mortgage advisor limits your ability to shop around for a better rate, meaning you could be paying more in the long run.”

The experts explained homeowners should beware of the advice before signing up with an agency. 

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