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PS Plus free games UPDATE: Great news for PS4 fans in September

The latest PS Plus free games are out now and include a number of top choices for PS4 gamers.

But even though there’s plenty to choose from, there’s even better news for gamers looking for something else.

It was revealed earlier this year that Rocket League would be switching to a free-to-play format across all platforms.

This means that everyone will be able to pick up and play the award-winning vehicular football game at no extra cost.

And with Rocket League switching to a new format, it means that certain barriers are being taken down.

This includes Rocket League dropping the need for a PlayStation Plus subscription. The same is happening with the equivalent on Nintendo Switch, but not with Xbox Live.

The process will begin with a new patch being released in the coming weeks, followed by the new free-to-play launch shortly after.

After everything has been put in place, you will no longer need a PS Plus or Nintendo Switch Online subscription to play multiplayer.

It should also be noted that due to changes on the PC platform, Rocket League will only be free-to-play via the Epic Games Store.

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More news from Psyonix was released today, telling fans: “Yes, we’ve been sharing a ton of info about Rocket League’s next update, and you really want to know when to expect it.

“We’ll be rolling out an update on current platforms in the next few weeks around mid September, and the launch of free to play will follow shortly after.

“We can’t share the exact date quite yet, but stay tuned for more info. Don’t forget, when free to play launches, it will only be available to new PC players via the Epic Games Store. Make sure to add it to your wishlist.

“When the update goes live, your Rocket ID friends list will become the Epic Friends list. Friends you had through Rocket ID will transfer to Epic Friends, and any friends you currently have through your Epic Games Account will be visible in Rocket League.

“Thanks for your patience! We can’t wait to get these new features like Tournaments, Challenges, and Cross-Platform Progression in your hands.”

As mentioned above, no set release time has been set for when Rocket League will be dumping PS Plus support, but it looks to be happening before the end of the month.

No other big changes have been announced for the PS Plus service this month, with the latest PS4 free games set to stick around until the end of the month.

Source:Daily Express :: Entertainment Feed

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