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PS Plus free games UPDATE: Great news for PS4 gamers in October

New PS Plus free games are out now and include some top choices for PS4 gamers.

But even if you haven’t got a PS Plus subscription sorted, there’s some great news for gamers looking for something else.

It was revealed earlier this year that a number of interesting new titles would be launching this year, using the free-to-play format.

And while not all of them have materialised yet, there are some intriguing games available right now on PS4.

At no extra cost, gamers can download and start playing Genshin Impact this week, complete with cross-play options.

This means you can jump into the new RPG using four-player cross-play for PS4, iOS, Android, and PC.

With a co-op mode included, it should be noted that gamers on PS4 cannot transfer their game data from console to iOS/Android/PC.

That said, it makes for an enticing package for those looking for something new to play this weekend.

Other choices this weekend include Rocket League which just switched to the F2P format and no longer requires PlayStation Plus.

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There’s also something special for Virtual Reality gamers on the PlayStation platform to check out this week.

Mortal Blitz was one of PlayStation VR’s top downloads when it originally launched in April 2017, and now a new version has been released.

The latest Mortal Blitz shooter is an online experience, offering free-to-play PvP gameplay that exists in the same universe as the original.

A message from developers Skonec Entertainment explains: “Experience various weapons and fast, dynamic battles for free. You can experience these real time battles in Quick match mode (PvP) with up to four players, or hop into Mission Mode (PvE) for some single-player action. “PlayStation Plus users will get access to special Arena packs, which include costumes and items.

“Combat Arena is optimized for the PS VR Aim Controller. Using the Aim Controller, you can engage in more realistic battles.

“Of course, DualShock 4 also offers optimized play! You can fully enjoy the game either way, but using the Aim controller will definitely surprise you.

“Whether playing in Quick Match (PvP) or Mission (a PvE story mode playable after purchase of the Standard Edition), players will employ different strategies and tactics to overcome tense battles across different maps. Use height and surrounding terrain to your advantage, avoid enemies’ fire and attack from behind when possible.”

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