Home Entertainment PS4 games SHOCK: Sony losing PlayStation exclusive to Nintendo Switch?

PS4 games SHOCK: Sony losing PlayStation exclusive to Nintendo Switch?

PS4 games SHOCK: Sony losing PlayStation exclusive to Nintendo Switch? 1

Nintendo Switch owners were jumping for joy this weekend, as a new leak claimed a huge PlayStation 4 exclusive was coming to the console.

Canadian retailer EB Games recently posted a tweet claiming that Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition was coming to Nintendo Switch.

The tweet – which has since been deleted – claimed that the brawler would be available to pre-order on the Nintendo device ahead of its February 14 release date.

Unfortunately, however, the excitement was short-lived as EB Games would later retract the claims about a Switch port.

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“We posted a tweet advertising Street Fighter V: Champion Edition for the Nintendo Switch earlier this evening,” reads a follow-up tweet.

“Please note that the details in this tweet were inaccurate, and were posted in error. The intention for the tweet was to highlight the PlayStation 4 version of the game.”

Of course, while the retailer may have been covering its backside until the official announcement was made, the rumours have now been well and truly killed by Street Fighter 5 producer Yoshinori Ono.

“Whaat!? No way, where can I get this product?” he tweeted. “Could it be that we didn’t realize that someone are making it? ;D Such item does not exist right now.”

While it’s bad news for Nintendo Switch fans, the same can’t be said for PlayStation 4 users.

If you own a PS4 and are yet to play Street Fighter 5, then the launch of the Champion Edition is a great place to jump in and try it out.

With a February 14 release date, Street Fighter 5 Champion Edition contains pretty much everything that has been released so far for the game.

The Champion Edition includes the original cast of 16 characters, as well as the 24 fighters that have launched as DLC.

This includes both Seth and Gill, the latter of which made his debut in the Street Fighter 3 saga.

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