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PS4 VR’s big Dreams update will make owning a PSVR on PS5 worth it

PS4 VR gamers will be getting Dreams support (Image: SONY)

Dreams on PS4 has now launched but it doesn’t sound like fans will be waiting long for the game to reach other platforms. During a recent interview with Media Molecule’s Alex Evans, it was revealed that Dreams will be coming next to PS4 VR. And there probably could be a new Virtual Reality project more likely to push sales on both the PS4 and PS5. The game creation tool has been shown to offer incredible scope for those wanting to take on both basic and complex projects.

And this latest announcement certainly makes it sounds like Dreams could become the next killer app for PSVR.

When asked what was being planned for Dreams over the coming years, Media Molecules Alex Evans confirmed that PS4 VR support is on the agenda.

And not just something that is being actively worked on but a feature that is going to be ready before any of the others.

And it sounds like Dreams could be ready on PSVR in time for the launch of the PS5, or at least in its first year.

And it sounds like a great tool to encourage next-gen gamers to try out VR if they haven’t already.

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“VR is in the pipeline and is actually nearly done, to be honest,” Evans told Eurogamer.

“I’d love to get multiplayer in there but we haven’t got a date for that as that’s not nearly done, but that’s one that I really care about as I designed the code for multiplayer from the beginning so I’m confident it’ll come out, I just can’t say when.

“And we’re a game studio, we’re not tools studio so they’re going to want to get our teeth into some meaty content. So I think that we were going to make more games in Dreams for sure – 100% guaranteed.”

There is still a large question mark over whether Dreams will get a free PSVR update, or will be something that will be packaged differently.

Evans added: “ I know there will be free updates, and they will be juicy.

“I don’t know how we’re going to package it. But what we’re going to do is we’re going to work in parallel on a few things.

“And VR is the most cooked of them. And then we’ll release them as and when we can.

“I imagine we will have paid content – maybe if we got Kojima’s Dreams, you know, if you’re reading this Kojima come on down and we’ll make Kojima’s Dreams.”

We know that the PSVR will be compatible with the PS5, and there are rumours of another headset being in the works.

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But what about Dreams running on the PS5 by itself, without the need for virtual reality support?

Well, it looks like Media Molecule’s unique experience will have no problem making the next-gen jump.

Speaking about moving Dreams to another platform, Evans told Eurogamer: “I mean, obviously, we’re going to look at that, we’re a PlayStation studio.

“Dreams actually already runs on PlayStation 5 – there you go, that’s the scoop. But that’s just us being devs and exploring.

“I’d be lying to you if I said we weren’t going to explore, but there’s literally zero plans at the moment.

“I think I’ve learned my lesson – we met in 2015 and I said [Dreams] is nearly done! And then here we are, four or five years later, and it *is* done.

“But my new self, I will admit that we’re exploring things, but I’m not going to commit to when it comes out.”

But even if PS5 gamers had to wait another few years to try out Dreams, along with its completed PSVR, it will certainly be worth giving it a go.

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