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PS5 pre-order goes , but here's why you may miss out on reserving a 5

Despite this, the initial opening of PS5 pre-orders has given us some interesting tidbits of information that could prove handy to gamers.

The aforementioned PS5 pre-order FAQ revealed a number of interesting things about the 5 pre-order programme.

As previously rumoured, Sony will be limiting pre-orders for PS5 consoles to one per PSN ID due to “limited quantities and high demand”.

Sony will also be limiting the number of pre-orders for accessories, with a maximum of two of each accessory available.

These additional products available for pre-orders are the DualSense controllers, DualSense charging stations, Pulse 3D wireless headsets, Media remotes and the HD Cameras.

Most curiously, Sony said PS5 products will become available to pre-order to the general product but ONLY those that get invites will be able to pre-order the actual console directly from them.

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