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PS5 release date, price and pre-order news coming this week: Get your wallets ready NOW

PS5 release date, price and pre-order news coming this week: Get your wallets ready NOW 1

The PS5 release date and price has become quite the mystery, as fans wait for confirmation about when they can pre-order the console.

Fortunately this wait appears to be coming to an end, as Sony gets ready to hold a big event as early as this week.

That’s according to Kinda Funny’s Imran Khan, who believes that Sony and Microsoft will hold events in August.

Not only that, but the PS5 and Xbox Series X events will feature release date, price and pre-order news.

Contrasting leaks on 4Chan have also suggested that Sony will hold a PS5 event either on August 6 or on August 10.

The event is said to include a reveal for the long-rumoured Silent Hill reboot, as well as the next Call of Duty release.

Fans will also reportedly get a look at the Demon’s Souls remake, Spider-Man Miles Morales and Crash Bandicoot 4.

If one of the leaks is legitimate, then you’d better get your wallets ready, because pre-orders could go live later this week.

Interestingly, the event will reportedly also feature a segment dedicated to Backwards Compatibility.

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Sony previously promised that most of the top 100 most played PS4 games will be playable on the PS5 at launch.

The company would later say that the “overwhelming majority” of the PlayStation 4’s library will run on the PlayStation 5.

What’s less clear is whether the PS5 will be able to play legacy PlayStation games from the PSOne, PS2 and PS3.

One recently discovered patent suggests that support for older games will be cloud-based, meaning you’d be able to stream older games over the internet.

The patent suggests that games will be able to run on a virtual machine that mimics the operating system associated with each game console.

What we can be sure on is that Sony’s next-gen console will support 8K resolution, ray-tracing technology and have much faster loading times.

The speedy (or non-existent) loading times are possible thanks to the specialised solid-state drive, which will make a huge difference to processing speeds.

In Spider-Man on a PS4 Pro, for example, it can take upwards of 15 seconds to fast travel from one location to another. The PS5, on the other hand, will be able to handle the same task in less than a second.

Worlds can also be rendered at far greater speeds, which should inject more pace into games.

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Sony will undoubtedly put the technology to good use during the aforementioned Spider-Man: Miles Morales spinoff.

Source Daily Express :: Entertainment Feed

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