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PUBG Mobile update: New Download arrives as Halloweeks Mode is revealed


Tencent has launched a new update for PUBG Mobile as part of the ongoing Halloween celebrations. The themed Halloweeks Mode centres around the classic Erangel map and gives gamers the chance to take on the undead in a new way. This is set to be released later this week and will join the roster alongside Infection, which is available to play now.

In PUBG’s returning Infection Mode, players are split into two teams at the beginning of the match, including Zombies and Defenders.

Zombies are tasked with defeating all the defenders before the time limit ends. If one Defender manages to survive, the Defender team earns the Chicken Dinner.

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While Defenders boast firearms like the M416 and AK47 with super Extended Mags, Zombies can use melee attacks and abilities, which have cooldown times.

Once defeated, Defenders will become infected and respawn as Zombies, who can even transform into Fast Zombie, Stealth Zombie, and the Zombie King with huge defence and attack boost.

Defenders will also transform into powerful combatants called the Vanquisher when there are only three of them left. Infected killed by Vanquishers cannot be resurrected. These make the gameplay even more interesting and encourage strategy from a different side.

Meanwhile, Friday, October 23, will see the launch of the Halloweeks mode, which will be part of the official Erangel queue.

A message from Tencent explains: “Players will have a chance to enter “Halloweeks Mode” when they play matches in Erangel.

“In this mode, Zombie Camps appear at four fixed locations around the battleground where contains wandering zombies and valuable crates.

“When all zombies in a camp are eradicated, the corresponding crates will open, providing teams with valuable resources.

“Similarly, four new Roaming Bosses have the chance of appearing at Zombie Camps, which haunt approaching players and increase their energy by punching players within melee range and throwing rocks at players who are far away. Defeating Roaming Bosses will also get essential battle supplies.

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