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Queen’s Brian May and Gary Barlow perform The Beatles’ ‘IMMORTAL’ Get Back – WATCH

Celebrities have been cheering fans up through their social media accounts as much of the world remains under lockdown. Now Queen guitarist Brian May has teamed up with Take That’s Gary Barlow, performing together virtually from their homes. And they ended up playing a cover of Get Back by The Beatles.

Posting a video on his Instagram, May wrote: “Lockdown jammin’ with my neighbour !!

“Mesdames et Messieurs ! Je vous presente —- GARY BARLOW !!!

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“We got together, but only virtually, to pay tribute to the fabulous Beatles, and hopefully raise some smiles out there.

“Get Back ! Of course there is no way to get back today – to where we once belonged – only forwards to a New World.”

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Queen’s Brian May and Gary Barlow perform The Beatles’ ‘IMMORTAL’ Get Back – WATCH (Image: INSTAGRAM)

The 72-year-old continued: “But this simple Lennon/McCartney song is immortal.

“So you could say this is where #thecroonersessions meets #jamwithbri – for your pleasure !

“Happy Easter Isolating – or fighting – dear folks.

“I hope this helps !! Actually, did I say simple ?”

Let It Be is 50 years old this year (Image: GETTY)

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May added: “Yes, so it appears … but when you actually start to PLAY it, you find it has all sorts of fascinating little twists and turns. A fun challenge !! Bri.”

Kicking off the video, the Queen legend said: “Gary! It’s Bri here.

“Actually there’s two Bris here because it’s very microcosmic and magical, this hook up.

“Very highly technical and when I press this button we will see what happens, okay?”

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Getting his electric guitar ready, he asked: “Are you ready?”

To which Gary replied: “Ready!”

The Take That star then began to play the keyboard and sing Paul McCartney’s iconic lyrics from Get Back.

The song was the closing track on The Beatles’ final studio album Let It Be, which was released 50 years ago next month.

Last month, May played John Lennon’s You’ve Got To Hide You Love Away as one of his Instagram micro-concerts.

Paying tribute to The Beatles, he said: “Yeah I love The Beatles…they are for me still, in a sense, The Bible. Everything that transpired in the rock and roll age that spurred me into action, was The Beatles really.

“The Beatles as purveyors of art in its complete form – the production, the songwriting, the singing, the playing – to be are just the bee’s knees and always will be.

“Sadly kind of underrated by the present generation, I think, because I don’t think their catalogue was handled very well. But my god, there is magic in every single Beatles track that you could ever come across, which is a sort of light in the darkness for me sometimes.”


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