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Queen’s crown: How a lot is the Queen’s crown actually value? Staggering sum revealed

The Crown sequence three debuted on Netflix this month with an all-new solid, together with Olivia Coleman on the helm as Queen Elizabeth II. The most recent sequence covers the interval between 1964 and 1977, following the Queen’s first 10 years on the throne. With the return of the present, one weblog has deconstructed the Queen’s crown and revealed how a lot it will price.

How a lot is the Queen’s crown value?

The Queen has a number of crowns for various events, together with one she makes use of particularly for the state opening of Parliament.

Her most well-known is the St Edward’s Crown, made in 1661 and worn by monarchs throughout coronations.

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When not in use, it’s the centrepiece of the Crown Jewels within the Tower of London.

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Right here is the composition of the Queen’s crown:

– Ermine: £28

– 22-karat gold: £71,783

– Velvet: £2.47

– Aquamarine (rose-cut) 345 items: £139,618

– Carbuncle, one piece: £2,030

– Tourmaline, 26 items: £280,265

– Zircon: £2,534

– Sapphires: £1,740,085

– Garnet, one piece: £2,030

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– Topaz, 37 items: £30,057

– Amethysts: £4,061

– Peridot, one piece: £455

– Citrine, 4 items: £3,639

– Almandine, 15 items: £2,924

– Spinel, one piece: £36,556

– Different supplies: £71,814

The Crown Jewels encompass 140 royal ceremonial objects stored within the Tower of London.

Many of the objects are regalia and vestments worn by British kings and queens throughout their coronations.

The newest additions to the gathering are the Armillis (gold bracelets) worn by Queen Elizabeth in 1953.

The oldest object is a 27-centimetre lengthy coronation spoon added within the 12th century, possible for the coronation of Henry II or Richard I.


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