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Raab says you CAN meet family outside home – but Foreign Secretary sparks MORE confusion

The Foreign Secretary claimed members of the public can meet up with relatives outside of their own home. Mr Raab stated during an appearance on the BBC’s Today Programme that people can go outside to parks as long as they follow the two-metre social distancing rule. Sky News Political Correspondent Rob Powell took to Twitter to clarify the claims shortly after they were made, explaining he had been told Britons could meet their parents separately, as long as they are two metres apart. Express.co.uk has contacted Downing Street for further clarification. 

Speaking to Mr Raab on Monday, the BBC’s Mishal Husain said: “From Wednesday you will be able to meet one person from outside your household.

“Does that mean you cannot meet two relatives at the same time, for example, parents?”

Mr Raab replied: “What we are saying is as from Wednesday people can go outside to parks together from other people from their own home.

“If for example if you are going to the park and you can stay 2 metres apart you could meet up with another member of your own household.

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“If you’re out in the park and you’re two metres apart, we’re saying now, and use some common sense and you socially distance, you can meet up with other people.

“The key thing is people want to get outdoors, particularly with this weather, particularly I think for mental health and, frankly, the frustration people feel if they’re cooped up for too long for protracted periods.

“We want to make sure that people can enjoy the outdoors more but people must stay alert, because the more we do some of the things that we want to do, the more we need to just be careful about this social distancing.”

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The BBC host asked: “So you cannot meet two parents at the same time?”

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