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Rainbow Six Siege update today: PS4 and Xbox patch news ahead of Year 5 reveal

Rainbow Six Siege update news

Rainbow Six Siege update news (Image: UBISOFT)

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Ubisoft has confirmed what has changed with today’s Rainbow Six Siege update, although full patch notes have not been shared. The new R6 download went live this afternoon on Tuesday, February 11, and appears to be focused on just one thing. The latest news posted online suggests that today’s Rainbow Six Siege update is looking to eliminate one bug/ exploit found on consoles.

“The hotfix will be pushed today to fix the stun/concussion leaning bug on both PS4 & XB1,” a short message from Ubisoft explains.

Fans on PS4 and Xbox One suggest that more may have been changed but there has been no further confirmation from Ubisoft.

Official patch notes could be shared later today if there is more to report on the latest R6 update.

There are also reports of bug issues with the latest update on PS4 and PS4 Pro consoles.

Some gamers have found that having downloaded and installed the new patch, they have lost access to certain content.

This reportedly extends to all Season 1 Operators, which now return an error message when players try to access them.

So there’s a small chance Ubisoft will release another patch to help remove this issue on the PlayStation platform.

It follows news that Ubisoft will be discussing its Year 5 plans at length during the R6 Invitational.

This will happen during an official Year 5 panel that has been scheduled for Sunday, February 16, 2020.

This will be sandwiched between matches and is scheduled to start at around 5pm ET, or 9pm GMT, if you live in the United States.

“We will be taking a look at Year 5 game updates, including but not limited to the upcoming Operation as well as insights from the development team. We will also discuss about the Rainbow Six esports scene,” a message from Ubisoft adds.

Y5S1 Panel Guests: Nicholas Jolicoeur (Level Designer) & Mathieu Lacombe (Game Designer).

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Y5 Panel Guests: Roy Del Valle (Product Director), Jean-Baptiste Halle (Lead Game Designer) and Alexander Karpazis (User Interface Director).

Esports Panel Guests: Wei Yue (Esports Director) and Stuart Ewen (Esports Product Manager).

So fans can probably expect a big update regarding the release of Operation Void Edge, which has just started being teased by Ubisoft.

Recent rumours suggest that the next two operators being released will be called Oryx and Yana, with one having some kind of wall-smashing ability.


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