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Rick and Morty: Summer star drops huge season 4 return date news 'Sooner than later!'

Praised for its bleak humour and impressive animation, Adult Swim’s surreal cartoon is currently on midseason hiatus. Rick and Morty fans have been desperate for news of its return, and a key member of its cast has reassured viewers new episodes are arriving soon.

In Spring 2019, the fan favourite animated series was picked up for an additional 70 episodes by Adult Swim.

Five of the new slate have now aired, but fans of the series are concerned that more episodes may only lead to more waiting.

However, in a recent interview, series star Spencer Grammer, who plays Summer Smith, has confirmed that the new episodes should be dropping soon.

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Speaking to news outlet Inverse, Spencer promised: “They’ll be coming sooner than later.”

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Set in a universe teeming with potential, its ambitious production has caused frequent delays for Rick and Morty’s team of writers and animators.

Thankfully, an Entertainment Weekly interview with show runners Dan and Justin released before the premiere of season four confirmed that the era of lengthy gaps between seasons will be coming to an end.

Dan said: “I think it’s safe to say without fear of being wrong that the gap between seasons three and four will be the longest and last time that it’s ever so long that it’s ridiculous.”

Fans of the series were forced to endure a hiatus of more than two years between seasons three and four.

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