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Rick and Morty theories: Rick abandons the family in season 5 after finale clone reveal

After beginning the second half of the latest season mocking the very idea of season arcs and satisfying conclusions, showrunners Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland shocked fans by pulling off exactly that.

Featuring a self-deprecating and intentionally lazy Star Wars parody, in between gags about Death Stars, invisibility belts and corporate sponsors, episode ten finally brought back some major characters from earlier episodes.

Among them were recurring villains Tammy (played by Cassie Steele) and a souped up upgrade for Birdperson, now going by Phoenixperson (Dan Harmon).

However, most fans were more surprised with the appearance of the second Beth (Sarah Chalke), who has now become a galactic freedom fighter against Tammy’s New and Improved Galactic Federation.

Rick and Morty theories: Rick abandons the family in season 5 after finale clone reveal (Image: Adult Swim)

Rick and Morty fans were unsure whether the series would bring back the dark turn revealed at the end of season three, which saw Rick clone his own daughter.

Season four’s bleak conclusion revealed not even Rick knows which Beth is the original, as he shuffled them during their creation before sending one of his daughters out into the universe.

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The unhinged and ingenious inventor finally conceded he was a terrible father, before revealing a comatose Birdperson behind a wall in the garage. 

With one of the most tragic finales of the series so far, fans are eager to see how co-creators Dan and Justin will continue the irreverent adventures over the next 60 confirmed episodes.

Unfortunately, Rick and Morty’s track record, in addition to the coronavirus pandemic severely delaying production for most television shows, means viewers will likely be waiting for some time before new content hits Adult Swim.

Even though the creative duo behind the acclaimed series have assured fans the gaps between new episodes will be shorter, Sarah Chalke admitted the ongoing situation has made production difficult.

In the meantime, current theories suggest Rick will make a drastic decision in the season five premiere, as most fans agreed it’s finally time for the mad scientist to strike out on his own.

Whether this will be a permanent move, or simply last one season or even just the first episode is unclear.

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As the last episode for the foreseeable future finally gave fans the pay-off they’ve been asking for, Rick and Morty viewers took to social media to praise the latest instalment.

One fan took to Reddit and said: “That legitimately was one of the best episodes I’ve ever seen.

“I guess they don’t want to do a ton of lore episodes, but I feel like the lore episodes are almost always the best.”

Other viewers also pointed out how the season finale still leaves it open to the much anticipated arch-villain of the series, Evil Morty, to make another appearance.

Another posted: “Well there’s the big plot-heavy episode fans were waiting for, and man did it deliver. And not in the stereotypical way like fans wanted like in the train episode!

“I like how they dropped a hint too, that the Federation’s new ‘bosses’ were half Tammy’s age. Pretty heavy hint at Evil Morty – he branched out from the Council of Ricks and took over the f***ing Galactic Federation too.”

Currently, fans are preparing for another wait of two years for season five, but the next ten episodes are sure to be worth the delay if the quality of season four continues.

Rick and Morty season 4 will be available on Netflix UK on June 16th.

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