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Rick and Morty: What happened to Rick’s ex-wife Diane Sanchez?

Rick and Morty: What happened to Rick’s ex-wife Diane Sanchez? 1

Rick and Morty wouldn’t be the hilarious, award-winning animation it is without its obnoxious and ridiculously intelligent Rick Sanchez. For four seasons on Adult Swim in the USA and Channel 4 in the UK, fans have been treated to burps, betrayal and the occasional inter-dimensional war courtesy of Rick. However, in one episode he referenced the quiet family life, albeit hypothetical, he had with ex-wife Diane.

What happened to Rick’s ex-wife Diane?

The only time fans catch a glimpse at Rick’s possible ex-wife is in the season three premiere, The Rickshank Redemption.

Rick was being imprisoned at the Galactic Federal prison and Cornvelious Daniel used a brain link to transport into his mind.

Cornvelious Daniel was keen to know more about Rick’s secret formulas which changed the universe they found themselves in.

In doing so, he stumbled across a flashback in which Rick reveals what happened to his family unit.

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A younger Rick has decided to turn his back on science and Diane entered his garage to suggest they go and get ice cream with his daughter Beth.

However, another Rick from a different universe transported into his garage and wasn’t too happy with Rick’s decision to embark on a normal family life.

The Rick from a different universe confronted young Rick and said: “Imagine doing anything you want, and hopping to a timeline when you never didn’t.

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“Imagine going anywhere anytime with nobody there to stop you.”

The younger Rick decided to pass on the chance to join the other Ricks and become “infinite Rick” in every conceivable universe.

When the other Rick entered a portal and headed home, Diane and Rick prepared to go get ice cream.

However, as Diane and Beth went towards the car, a portal opened up and a bomb was dropped, killing Rick’s ex-wife and daughter in the process.

The flashback Rick then began working on the math to create a portal gun of his own to track the other Rick that killed his family and Cornvelious Daniel finally had the formula he had wanted – or so he thought.

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