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Robbie Williams wife: Ayda Field talks ‘warning signs’ as she spills on relationship

Robbie Williams wife: Ayda Field talks ‘warning signs’ as she spills on relationship 1

Robbie Williams, 45, and Ayda Field, 45, appeared on Loose Women last week where they chatted to the panelists about their relationship and how they got together. Asked by the Loose Women panel whether it was love at first when they met, Ayda stated: “It wasn’t.”

Robbie added: “It was love at 20 minutes later.”

Ayda acknowledged: “At first it was incredibly awkward and weird and then there was a moment on the couch.”

“I had that like ‘Oh my God did you just feel that’ moment.”

The Angels hitmaker went on to explain he felt he had known his wife “forever” when they met.

Robbie spilled: “I felt as though I’ve known this person forever, I’ve known her before, and there was something in the universe it was like a massive hand going ‘this one’.”

“And then I relented and then thank you universe.”

The father-of-three said: “I met Ayda two weeks before going to rehab and it still didn’t put her off! You are mental, you really rolled the dice there babe.”

However, Ayda admitted she ignored the warning signs and went ahead and fell in love with him.

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“I didn’t know what I was getting into, ignorance is bliss.” she confessed: ‘There were warning signs dancing over his head, but I was like, “I think I love him’.

“When you’re in love with someone despite it being reasonable or not, you go with your heart. And I went with all the crazy mess that went with him.’

Also during the interview, Ayda became emotional when she heard their seven-year-old daughter Teddy sing on Robbie’s new Christmas song.

“I’m really gonna cry,” Ayda said, before Robbie teared up and said: “I’m going now.”

Ahead of their chat with the panelists, Robbie walked on-air by mistake, thinking the show wasn’t live.

Kaye Adams quickly reacted as she saw the star strut on set and exclaimed to him: “You’re not on yet!”

Robbie, who appeared confused by her statement, asked: “This isn’t live is it? We’ve started?”

He then began to walk off-stage and apologised to everyone for the mix-up. He said: “I just wanted to see my wife. Sorry, carry on everyone.”

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