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Rockstar quiz: Can YOU name 16 iconic stars in brilliant puzzle quiz

While pub quizzes everywhere have been full of questions about rock singers, their looks are rarely mentioned.

One quiz, however, sets about elevating the picture round to something even more tricky.

While many singers can be identified in a ‘beat the intros’ round where their music is played, others need an image to help quizzers work them out.

But could you name some of the godfathers of rock by just one feature?


In this quiz, fans are forced to think beyond the songs and even the faces of their beloved singers.

Instead, they must focus in on a defining feature which made them famous, whether it’s a signature moustache or a pair of sunglasses.

This quiz is not an easy one, and is made even more tricky if fans try to name all 16 rockers in just five minutes.

Here is the quiz – can you name all 16 rockstars in less than five minutes?

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