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Rod Stewart, 74, speaks out on his family’s 'suspicions' of third wife Penny Lancaster

Rod Stewart, 74, speaks out on his family’s 'suspicions' of third wife Penny Lancaster 1

Sir Rod Stewart, 74, tied the knot with British model and TV personality Penny Lancaster, 48, in 2007. The Forever Young hitmaker has now spoken candidly about his children’s worries about marrying his third wife, with whom he shares two sons.

The British rockstar was previously married to his ex-wife Rachel Hunter after they wed in 1990 but separated after 16 years together.

The former coupe share two children together – Renee Stewart, 27, and Liam Stewart, 25.

Rod was also married to his first wife Alana Stewart in 1979 but the couple called it quits after six years and they also share two children together – Kimberley Stewart, 40, and Sean Stewart, 39.

The British singer also has two children from previous relationships, including Sarah Streeter, 56, and Ruby Stewart, 32.

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The singer spoke candidly about his kids “suspicions” but admitted Penny was able to “win” them over eventually.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday’s Weekend magazine, Rod gushed over Penny as he revealed she “keeps the family together”.

“Penny’s great,” he said. “She’s very grounded, but I don’t want to say normal because she’s extraordinary. She keeps the family together.”

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Speaking about his children’s initial reaction to Penny’s presence, he continued: “When she first came into my life, the older kids were very suspicious. 


Back in October, Penny broke down in tears during an episode of ITV’s Loose women when she spoke about her husband’s prostate cancer diagnosis.

The couple had chosen to keep the news private for over two years.

She explained: “We’re very lucky that any news that might have escaped was kept private until it was our choice to come out [with it].” 

Speaking about his diagnosis, she said: “We were in London. He’s very up on his health. He doesn’t believe in retirement, he wants to keep going forever, so he’s always getting screenings and tests.

“Rod had a few symptoms. It started moving quite quickly, the results, the numbers. They said we best do a rectal exam. It’s the only way. A specialist has to do that. And they did find a lump.”

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