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Rod Stewart wives: Who is Rod Stewart’s wife? How many wives has he had?

Sir Rod Stewart is a singer who was very famous as a solo artist and in the band Faces. He is a favourite still among fans, but his private life is more prominent in the news. He is celebrating his wedding anniversary this month – but who is his wife?

Who is Sir Rod Stewart’s wife?

Sir Rod met Penny Lancaster when she accompanied him on tour as a photographer.

The couple was together for seven years before Sir Rod proposed at the top of the Eiffel Tower, though they paused their wedding plans so Penny could give birth to their first child, Alastair, in 2005.

The pair married in June 2007 and in 2011, Penny gave birth to their second child.

Sir Rod Stewart – how many wives has he had? (Image: Getty)

How many wives has Sir Rod Stewart had?

Sir Rod Stewart has been married three times, including to his wife Penny.

However, Stewart has also had some high profile relationships in between his marriages, and has had eight children with five women.

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Sir Rod’s first child came from a short relationship with Susannah Boffey, who gave birth to their daughter Sarah Streeter in 1963.

Sarah was raised by adoptive parents, and reunited after 47 years apart in 2010.

At the time of his daughter’s birth, Sir Rod was a teenager trying to make it on the music scene.

After this relationship, Sir Rod had three high profile liaisons: one with Jennie Rylance, another with Dee Harrington and the third with Bond girl Britt Ekland.

This relationship, according to Britt, ended in infidelity on Sir Rod’s part, and she claimed he made her pay rent to live with him.

Rod Stewart and Britt Ekland (Image: Getty)

She told the Daily Mail in January: “I had to pay $ 100 a month board and lodgings when I was living with him.

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“I would go shopping with him and watch him buy clothes from Yves Saint Laurent but nothing for me. He did used to like to wear my underwear though.

“He would wear these baggy satin trousers and needed little satin pants. Rod would wear my knickers. He liked them.”

The actress even became the inspiration for his hit song Tonight the Night (Gonna be Alright), which became 1977’s top song.

Rod Stewart and Rachel Hunter (Image: Getty)

This year was when their relationship ended, however, and he got married for the first time to Alana Stewart in 1979.

With his first wife, Sir Rod had two children: Kimberly and Sean, born 1979 and 1980 respectively.

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Sir Rod and Alan divorced in 1984, though Sir Rod had already taken up with his next partner, Kelly Emberg, since 1983.

He and Kelly had one daughter, Ruby, in 1987.

Rod Stewart and his current wife Penny Lancaster (Image: Getty)

They split in 1990 and in the same year, Sir Rod married his second wife, Rachel Hunter.

With Rachel, Sir Rod had two children, Renee and Liam, born 1992 and 1994 respectively.

Despite divorcing in 2006, the couple separated in 1999, at which point Sir Rod met Penny and began their long courtship before their marriage in 2007.

Sir Rod is also a grandfather, after his daughter Kimberly gave birth to a daughter in 2011 with her partner, actor Benicio Del Toro.

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