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Royal feud: Prince William vs Prince Harry body language – will the brothers ever make up?

Will the brothers ever make up?

Most senior royals attend Commonwealth Day and with Harry and Meghan back in the UK on Thursday they will no doubt be reuniting with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Commonwealth Day is the annual celebration of the Commonwealth of Nations and is marked by an Anglican service in Westminster Abbey.

Express.co.uk spoke to body language expert and energy reader Alison Ward to ask what the key signs to look out for at the event will be that hint at the brothers’ relationship.

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“If they naturally feel connected, you will see that as they will look towards each other’s mouths as they speak and they will be smiling.

“If the ladies keep looking over at their partners they might be checking in on them to see if they are OK.

“Look out for Kate, in particular, you will see her eyes scanning William’s and giving him a warm smile.

“If you see laughter and a recognition of the brothers’ connection you will see it in Kate.”

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