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Ruth Langsford in tears over Caroline Flack’s death after speaking out on sister’s suicide

Ruth Langsford in tears over Caroline Flack’s death after speaking out on sister’s suicide 1

Ruth Langsford and her family lost Julia Johnson, Ruth’s older sister last year in June, and in November 2019, a coroner ruled Julia’s death as suicide. Today, sitting alongside husband Eamonn Holmes, This Morning discussed Love Island presenter Caroline Flack’s death, which was confirmed on Saturday by family and a lawyer. Relating to how the television star’s family must be feeling following the tragic circumstances in which Caroline took her own life, Ruth broke down in tears. 

Joining Ruth and Eamonn on the blue sofa were Nicola Thorp and Matthew Wright to take part in This Morning: View. When the conversation turned to the media coverage of Caroline’s death, Nicola opened up about her own mental health struggles. 

Caroline had openly discussed the anxiety and pressures she felt and endured from being in the limelight and Ruth commented: “You believe you don’t have a choice that’s the sad thing.”

Nicola added: “I think it’s worth people knowing that that’s whats going on in someone’s head who suffers from mental health issues.”

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“Is that they feel like they’re a burden,” Nicola continued and then was seen tearing up.

Eamonn stepped in to give his wife some time to catch her breath, saying: “Obviously this is so emotive and I think for lots of people I just want to say to you we’ve got a phone in later on in the programme.”

As Eamonn attempted to move the conversation on, Ruth reached over to grab some tissues, which she then passed to Nicola and then wiped away her own tears. 

Earlier in the show, Ruth spoke about how her family had been affected by suicide as This Morning opened with a discussion about Caroline’s death.

Psychologist Emma Kenny explained: “Suicide happens with a one minute break from reality sometimes. Perfectly well person could find themselves in a very stressful situation and act in a way where they think there’s no way out.  

“#ThisMorning it was a tough chat for Ruth this morning brought a tear to my eye watching her start to cry during that interview x,” one said. 

Another added: “So sad watching @thismorning today! Just want to give Ruth a big hug #ThisMorning.” 

A third wrote: “Poor Ruth. Probably thinking of her sister x #thismorning,” while one tweet read: “Poor Ruth, she’s so brave. #thismorning.” 

In November of last year, a coroner ruled that Ruth Langsford sister, Julia Johnson had taken her own life at her family home in Surrey.

Julia was discovered by her husband Paul who had been away visiting the couple’s daughter.

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