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Sally Nugent sets record straight about claim she 'earns more' than Chancellor Rishi Sunak

Steven shared a picture of the Chancellor along with details about his “smart mug”.

He wrote: “The classic picture of Chancellor preparing for statement has been released but there’s a TWIST.

“Rishi Sunak has a smart mug which keeps your tea at the *exact* same temperature for three hours.

“It even comes with a ‘charging coaster’. It was a Christmas present from his wife.”

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The Twitter user responded to the tweet, writing: “@sallynugent paid £4.99 for hers?

“But her Christian Louboutin shoes cost £500 and she probably earns more than Rishi! #justsaying.”

Setting the record straight, Sally told the person in question that her shoes are in fact from a retailer and insisted she doesn’t earn more than Mr Sunak. 

She replied: “My shoes are from Marks and Spencer and I guarantee the chancellor earns more than me. #JustSaying.”

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Sally’s co-star Naga Munchetty queried him about his latest budget announcement.

During their interview, host Naga asked him about the lack of support for some self-employed workers and also questioned him about the retention bonus scheme.

As part of the lengthy interview, he said: “I actually think it will make a significant difference, it is something that people were actually interested in calling for.

“Given the income distribution of those on furlough, we know that £1,000 can be a significant reward and incentive to employers to successfully bring staff back and continuously employ them.”

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