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Samsung 4K Smart TVs get a crucial update that's sure to please streaming fans

Samsung 4K Smart TVs get a crucial update that's sure to please streaming fans 1

Samsung has started to roll out a fix for an issue that stopped a number of its Smart TVs from launching the Disney+ streaming app. The South Korean company was one of the first to support Disney+ on its hugely-popular range of High Definition, 4K and 8K Smart TVs. At launch, the Disney+ streaming app was available on models from 2016 and newer.

However, those with a Samsung Smart TV from 2016 have struggled to load the Disney+ in the weeks since it launched in Europe. Those who attempted to load-up the Netflix rival were faced with the warning: “The Disney+ application is temporarily unavailable on 2016 Samsung TV models.”

Disgruntled Smart TV owners reported the issue to Disney and Samsung, which have been working together on a fix.

Initially, Disney advised subscribers to use another device to stream the on-demand content. However, that shouldn’t be needed any more as Samsung has confirmed that it’s now rolling out the fix to TVs across the globe. In a tweet, Disney+ confirmed everything was working again.

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“Thanks for your patience while we worked with the manufacturer on a fix! This issue is now resolved and you can get back to streaming Disney+ on your device. If you continue to run into trouble, please reach out via phone or chat from the options here,” the company posted in a social media message to subscribers.

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The update should be installed automatically overnight, so you won’t need to do anything complicated in the settings menu to get Disney+ back up-and-running. So, that’s a relief.

Disney+ has been a colossal success for the House of Mouse. Disney+ boasts a huge number of popular properties from its back catalogue, including every entry in its record-breaking Marvel Cinematic Universe, every episode of The Simpsons, as well as classic animated films and their live-action remakes, like The Lion King. Not only that, but the Netflix rival also boasts a number of properties that subscribers might not associate with the Walt Disney company, including the likes of National Geographic with its Academy Award-winning movie Free Solo, films from 20th Century Fox – like the X-Men movies from the early 2000s, and films from Pixar, which is now owned by Disney.

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