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Samsung wants to improve Windows 10 speed and battery life – this is how

Samsung is purportedly building its own processors to fuel a new range of Windows 10 devices. These custom-designed chipsets will use the same Exynos branding as the chipsets used in some Galaxy S smartphones, like the Galaxy S20 series sold in the UK. Samsung uses a mixture of its own processors and Qualcomm Snapdragon to power its flagship smartphones depending on the country.

Both of these chipsets are based on ARM, which is the same architecture that Apple uses for its own custom-designed silicon. For years, Apple has used its own designs to power iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch… but the Californian company has confirmed plans to launch its first Mac based on its own in-house chip based on ARM before the end of the year.

The latest rumour suggest Samsung has similar ambitions.

As reported by the often-reliable Bleeping Computer blog, it seems to the new Windows 10 processor will be based on the Samsung Exynos 1000, which is expected to be announced towards the end of the year ahead of its role powering the Galaxy S21 in 2021. The twist on this silicon for Windows 10 could be branded as “Exynos 1” – as it will be the first in an entirely-new series.

Samsung has already prototyped Exynos 990 (the silicon inside Galaxy S20 in select markets) for its Windows 10 PCs, Bleeping Computer reports.

However, the company now plans to create an entirely-new chip based on the next-generation Exynos 1000 to offer better performance.

By moving the Samsung Galaxy Book line-up from Intel-designed chipsets to its own ARM-based processors, Samsung will have more control over the development of new features – allowing it to prioritise based on products it would like to bring to market, rather than whatever the top bosses at Intel have decided should be the biggest focus for the company.

So, if Samsung wants to set its Galaxy Book series apart from the competition thanks to ever-lasting battery life, it can focus on that. Or, if it’s all about eye-wateringly fast performance, that’s another option open to the company.

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