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RAF unveils Ninja: Cutting-edge tech to hijack drones and blow enemies to smithereens

The technology is currently being used by American troops stationed at British RAF bases. The negation of improvised non-state joint aerial-threats (Ninja) works by overriding the command system of enemy drones and sending new instructions. Speaking at the Defence and Security Equipment International (Dsei) arms fair in London, Mark Goodwin, a programme manager for the company, said Ninja is able to identify targets up to a seven-kilometre distance.

But as the target gets closer, about three kilometres or so away, it is able to take control of its command system and either force it to relocate or send it back to its home base and lead to the arrest of those who were controlling it.

The new system has been sent to RAF bases where US troops are currently stationed.

The bases include RAF Mildenhall and RAF Lakenheath, and the technology is not being used outside of Britain.

Mr Goodwin believes the system, developed by the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) will be deployed to other RAF bases to be used by the British military in the future.

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He also said that Ninja can send a high-quality drone loaded with explosives back straight back against enemy fighters.

But he did warn that this would only be likely to happen in a warzone scenario where operators work under different rules.

A Leonardo source said: “You can take control of it and move it around, if it is coming towards you with explosive devices you could move it to a different safe place on the base or tell it to go home and follow it and arrest the operator.

“If you used the system abroad on an operation then you could potentially send it back against them.”

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With a historic mission to the far side of Moon, Britain’s Brexit ratifies its status as’space country’

She stated that “Surrey Satellite Technology took Britain’s knowledge in navigation and telecommunications up to the next level.”

“Having delivered communications services at the International Space Station of the highest quality, UK technology now will enable a sustainable return to Moon in almost 50 years.

We are helping UK companies support international missions by investing in the space sector. This will help us secure our position as a leading space country.

PS11.6million of UK Space Agency funding through ESA is supporting the Lunar Pathfinder mission.

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Evidence for Middle East’s ‘first farmers,’ shocks archaeologists

Middle East: An expert discusses the ‘invaluable images’ of the region

Link” href=””>CORONA Spy satellite. Link” href=””>US deemed a security threat, like

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Archaeology: This discovery marks the moment when humans became farmers . (Image: Youtube/Smithsonian Channel/Wikimedia commons/CC-BY-SA4.0).

CORONA SPY: A satellite captured countless photos of various locations around the globe . (Image: Youtube/Smithsonian Channel

Link” href=”” rel=”nofollow”>documentary, ‘The Life of Earth: The Age of Humans’ — the fact that it was once home to the world’s first farmers.

It was a major breakthrough that marked the turning point in human history from hunter-gatherer to a settled life.

According to the documentary’s narration, “Settlements such as this are only possible after an environmental change is dramatic.”

The Earth’s climate changed dramatically after the end of last Ice Age and it became more warm than ever in 100,000 years.

Link” data-name=”Archaeology breakthrough after researchers found new human species'” href=”” target=”_blank”>Archaeology breakthrough after researchers found new human species’

Jesse Casana. The anthropologist compares old photographs with those taken today . Image: Youtube/Smithsonian Channel.

Link” href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Fertile Crescent came into existence.

A great deal of grassland was expanded by rain and an increase in temperature.

According to the narrator, “Climate Change is About To Fuel a Food Revolution.”

“For millennia humans have foraged wild grass seeds – but today abundant wheat and barley are easy to cultivate and control.

“Some people settle down to tend to their crops and to protect them.

They gradually gave up hunting-gatherer life to become farmers.

“From now on, the landscape will change as humans rely more heavily upon mossicated and cultivated animals.

“The settlements expand and overwhelm the hunter-gatherers. This transforms the landscape into fields, villages, towns, and ultimately cities.”

There is evidence that Tell Brak grew to be one of the largest cities in the area from this moment.


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Syria: This ancient city lies in Syria, near the Turkish-Iraqi border . (Image: Wikimedia Commons/CC By 3.0).

An ancient history of some of the sites that are mapped and indicate evidence for habitation . Image: Wikimedia Commons/CC-BY 4.0

Link” href=””>Syria, near the Turkish and Iraqi borders.

It is one of the most important ancient sites in northern Mesopotamia. People had settled there over 8,000 years ago.

This is not surprising: Tell Brak lies in an advantageous strategic location, on the main route between the Tigris Valley and Anatolia mines and westwards towards the Euphrates or the Mediterranean.

This led to the recognition of the city as a major commercial center. The evidence is supported by numerous workshop sites at the location.

The most remarkable archaeological finds (Image by Express Newspapers).

Excavations revealed also evidence of the mass production obsidian bowls, and other objects made from white marble and obsidian. Stamp seals and sling shots were also found in layers of ancient cities.

Many of the city’s residents were skilled in various activities, including basalt grinding and flint working.

Also, excavations suggest that the urban-based society was built on rain-fed farming.

Link” href=””>Mesopotamia.

Hunter-gatherers. The farmers gradually took over their nomadic ancestors . (Image: GETTY

Since then, scholars have argued that the city also served as a point of contact between cities in Mesopotamia and the Levant.

Link” href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Uruk period.

It began expanding again around 2600 BC, when Nagar was established.

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London may be replaced by the UK’s capital, amid concerns that it will flood.

The chairperson of Climate Crisis Advisory Group Sir David King has issued a dire warning that major UK coastal cities (including London’s capital) are under threat from rising sea levels. The lead scientist for the Climate Crisis Advisory Group, Sir David King, stated that Britain will likely experience more severe weather such as floods and storms if the climate crisis is not addressed.

He said that the Mirror is an island nation, and the greatest challenge facing climate change are rising sea levels.

Storms at sea when an island nation means storms inland, so our coasts are also under threat at the same moment as rivers flooding.

Rising water levels can be attributed to the melting glaciers and the thermal expansion of seawater when it heats up.

Link” href=”″>COP26 is ‘opportune moment’ for Sturgeon to promote Scottish indyref2

He said that if we move forward at a rapid pace and continue to emit greenhouse gases at their current levels, we will be unable to defend our assets.

“What’s the deal?

I am referring to the capital.

This is already taking place in Indonesia. The Government has moved the capital to higher ground because Jakarta is so badly flooded.

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The key date to mark the end of summer/beginning of autumn is 2021, also known as Autumn Equinox 2021

Also known as September equinox, the autumn equinox is when the sun’s centre passes over the earth’s Equator. The north and south poles don’t face towards the sun, but instead are straight.

The theory is that this allows for the same amount daylight to be available in each hemisphere.

The lengths of night and day are approximately equal at all locations on the date of the Equinox.

The March equinox occurs between March 19-21 each year. While the September equinox takes place sometime between September 21-24, it is roughly in between.

This is the same day that the Northern Hemisphere’s Autumn Equinox occurs, but it also marks the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere.

Link” href=”” target=”_blank”>Archaeologists amazed by Peru’s ‘mind-blowing’ ancient desert calendar

Traditional farmers brought in their harvest at this time.

Link” href=”” rel=”tag” target=”_blank”>full moon in September is called the Harvest Moon.

The earth’s location around the equinox makes this moon appear larger than normal.

The Harvest Moon will be visible starting September 20,

What is the best way to celebrate the Equinox?

As they do for the spring solstice and the spring equinox, Stonehenge is where druids gather to welcome the equinox. However, celebrations this year will continue as Covid goes on.

It is also common for people to gather on London’s Primrose hill to welcome the new season.

Festivals of food are common at this time of the year and there are many seasonal meals all around the globe.

However, for most people, celebrating the changing seasons means getting out to enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty.

Autumn is a time when the leaves change color and the trees turn a variety of shades, including red, orange, brown.

This time of the year is best celebrated by a long, pleasant walk in the country or at a park.

The September Equinox is widely celebrated all over the globe in similar manner.

A mid-autumn harvest festival is celebrated in China.

Chuseok is a South Korean form of thanksgiving.

Southern California’s Chumash tribe celebrates Hutash. This sun ceremony coincides with autumn equinox.

Higan is the Japanese public holiday for Autumn Equinox Day.

Higan, a Buddhist holiday that is only celebrated during the Autumnal Equinox and Spring Equinox, can be found in Japan.

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Bermuda Triangle: “Major discovery” as missing ship of 200 feet with ‘bizarre cargo is found

Link” href=””>Bermuda Triangle is a region in the north Atlantic Ocean where ships, planes and people are alleged to have mysteriously vanished. Flight 19 vanished just months after World War II ended off Florida’s coast. This is one of many mysteries surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. Five US TBM Avenger Torpedo Bombers were part of Flight 19. The squadron left Fort Lauderdale on December 5, 1945 to bomb an area known as Hens and Chickens Shoals.

The flight leader Lieutenant Charles Taylor, however, encountered navigational difficulties as they turned north towards base.

It is believed that the aircraft entered Bermuda Triangle, an area of the ocean stretching from Florida and Puerto Rico.

The 14 passengers on the planes and 13 rescue crewmen who sent them out to search for them, were all never found again.

Flight 19 was found last year by a team of specialists who intensified their efforts to locate it.

The History Channel US documentary Episode 1, ‘History’s Greatest Mysteries’, captured their search.

Link” href=””>Ancient Babylonian tablet discovery rewrites Pythagoras’ claim to famous theorem

Laurence Fishburne narrates the story. The programme involves researchers following new leads to discover Flight 19’s secrets.

Mike Barnette, marine biologist and chief underwater explorer, enlisted the assistance of a Florida fisherman to help him explore a possible plane crash for the show.

Divers discovered that the wreck was not an aircraft, but rather a huge shipwreck.

Laurence described the ship as an “unusual” discovery and “major discovery for the team.”

Barnette stated that he found the wreck at 200 feet in length with a beam of 24 and a quarter feet.

After assessing the evidence, Mr Barnette matches his eerie finding to the famous cargo ship that disappeared in Bermuda Triangle 71-years ago.

After it had left Savannah, Georgia for Venezuela, in April 1950, the Sandra disappeared and was never seen again.

It is believed that the Bermuda Triangle swallowed the 185-foot Costa Rican vessel and its 12 man crew.

Before the ship disappeared, approximately 300 tonnes DDT insecticide were aboard the cargo ship.

Barnette stated that he discovered the cargo was made of kaolin clay which can be used to kill insects or other pesticides. There were also traces DDT.

We know the Sandra, which left Savannah, Georgia, heading south on the North Florida Coast, would have passed directly over the area where we were diving.

“And all of the dimensions and all the machinery correspond exactly to what Sandra was.

All of this evidence was combined, and it was clear that Sandra was the mysterious wreck.

Although the investigator was able to see the positive side of the wreck’s discovery, it did not help the team in finding Flight 19.

He said, “Serendipity is right. We’re trying find information about another Bermuda Triangle mystery but we accidentally stumble upon another.”

It just proves that you never know where you might run into.

History’s Greatest Mysteries can be viewed on History Channel US.

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SpaceX Launch LIVE Stream: SpaceX’s Historic ‘All Civil’ Spaceflight

In 2009, Dr. Proctor tried to get into NASA’s astronaut program but was rejected by the last round.

She stated, “I’m thrilled to be part the Historic Inspiration4 Crew and represent Prosperity.

It has been an ambition of mine to go to space, but being able inspire others through poetry and art makes it more meaningful.”

Not only is the launch of Inspiration4 a once in a life time opportunity for four astronauts, but it also represents a significant milestone for space tourism.

Wendy Whitman Cobb, from the US Air Force School of Advanced Air and Space Studies says that companies such as SpaceX make it more likely that the general public can fly to space.

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As the Kremlin uses a ‘geopolitical tool’ against Europe, EU-Russia relations are at an impasse

Link” href=””>EU member states at the level of ambassadors (COREPER) on Wednesday supported the decision to extend sanctions for actions undermining the sovereignty of Ukraine for the next six months. Emine Dzheppar, First Deputy Foreign Minister, wrote via Twitter that the EU Permanent Representatives Committee had extended for six months the personal sanctions against 177 people and 48 legal entities for actions that threaten/threaten Ukraine’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence.

Some were extended up to June 23, 2022.

However, the restrictions on travel and asset freezing were meant to be removed today.

Berlin also threatens Russia with sanctions if Russia uses Nord Stream 2 to its advantage.

Angela Merkel had warned Vladimir Putin about this in August. However, with an impending energy crisis and record gas prices, it is possible that further sanctions against Russia may not prove to be wise.

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SpaceX poised to revolutionize space tourism with Inspiration4 launch into orbit

Just before the launch, Isaacman stated that crew members are extremely lucky to be able to fly in space.

He stated, “From the beginning of this mission we’ve been very conscious of how fortunate we were, and how lucky we are to have this part of SpaceX’s history right now.”

Crew Dragon will be used to launch the crew. This is the same capsule that carries astronauts into space.

The capsule is fitted with a dome window which will give the astronauts a view of the immense emptiness in space.

Resilience will be the Dragon capsule that SpaceX launches on its signature Falcon 9 rocket.

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In a shocking tweet, Elon Musk claimed that ‘there are UFOs.’

The CEO of SpaceX wrote that he believes there is life elsewhere on Tuesday via social media. His tweet read: “I don’t believe there are any UFOs…but there are UFOs.”

Many of Mr Musk’s Twitter followers commented in dismay.

Hayata wrote on Twitter: “With all SpaceX flight you did…

But the real question is, does NASA also monitor it? Elon, release the secrets.

Link” href=””>Mystery Milky Way radio signal detected

The military has changed the name of UFOs from UAPs (unidentified area phenomena) to

The purpose of this is to remove any stigma associated with flying objects after the Roswell incident in 1947.

This report focused on UAP sightings between 2004 and 2021.

Although the report did not deny the existence of aliens, it said that some observations could be due to sensor error, observer misperception, or spoofing.

Some UAP may be technologies used by China, Russia or another country.

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