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After a bust up with Merkel about the gas crisis, Biden has left EU to Putin’s will: “Not bothered!”

After a bust up with Merkel about the gas crisis, Biden has left EU to Putin's will: "Not bothered!"

After a dispute over Nord Stream 2, Mr Putin is tightening his hold on gas supplies, causing a crisis in the EU. Nord Stream 2 will transport gas from Russia through Germany to bypass Ukraine and Poland. This is what many warned could lead to the pipeline being “weaponized”. With his latest move, Putin may be trying to make sure that EU laws are not implemented. Ms Merkel’s deal with the Russian President was slammed by US President Joe Biden – and he is now said to have orchestrated a way round it for Washington. spoke to Professor Michael Bradshaw from Warwick Business School as an energy expert. He said that the Biden administration believes Nord Stream 2 was a terrible idea.

He doesn’t worry about Nord Stream 2 because there are plenty of Asian markets for US LNG, which includes China.

This is his consistent opinion that increasing dependence on Russian supplies for European energy security is not good.

Liquid natural gas (or LNG) is one form of gas which isn’t transported via pipelines.

Recently, Mr Biden said to White House reporters “good friends are able to disagree”. He has also voiced his disgust at Ms Merkel’s decision-making.

He even imposed sanctions against Russia in August 2020.

Experts criticized the decision, believing that it did not stop Nord Stream 2’s progress.

Yorktown Solutions president Daniel Vajdich said that sanctions are not effective in stopping Nord Stream 2.

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Putin’s Havana Syndrome’s source is unmasked by a scan for ‘brain injuries’ sparks fury in the USA

Putin's Havana Syndrome's source is unmasked by a scan for 'brain injuries' sparks fury in the USA

The symptoms were first experienced in 2016 by CIA agents while on a mission to Cuba. It was described as a buzzing, high-pitched sound. Others describe it as grinding metal. It was described by one person as being in an invisible beam of energy. The experience lasted several minutes. Washington reported cases of this strange illness on every continent except Vietnam, Vienna, and Berlin.

There are suspicions that it could be a deliberate attack by the Kremlin on US officials.

Marc Polymeropoulos was a former CIA Officer and said on BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme that “This is an act against U.S. officials.”

“We need to discover who is doing this.”

According to him, he contracted the disease in Moscow in 2017. He stated that it was urgent for an explanation as to how and why this virus spread.

The CIA now has a task force, which is headed by Osama bin Laden, the man who led the search for Al Qaeda terrorist Osama bin Laden.

Some experts believe the condition is psychological and is caused by stress. Others think it is intentional.

Bill Evanina is a retired senior US intelligence officer who stated that it was an offensive weapon designed to target individuals. It was, I think.

You might ask, “If the Russian government were increasing and propagating its intelligence operation in Cuba it would probably be a bad idea for the US to have them in Cuba in large to identify certain things that have occurred there?”

In December, a major US study suggested that pulse-high energy microwaves could be the cause of at least some cases.

The study’s chair, Professor David Relman said that “for many of these individuals, real neurological injuries took place.”

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According to the Russian Ministry, they do not possess microwave weapons.

After decades of tension, diplomatic relations were restored between Cuba and the United States in 2015.

However, the Havana Syndrome almost closed down the Embassy within two years. Staff were fired because they were concerned for their safety.

Initial theories pointed towards the Cuban government being responsible. However, others point to Russia.

This is even odder because records reveal that intelligence officers are more likely to have been affected by the virus.

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US Navy Fears Uncrewed Ghost Ship Fires Missiles In ‘Game-Changing’ Weapons Test

US Navy Fears Uncrewed Ghost Ship Fires Missiles In 'Game-Changing' Weapons Test

Naval Post reports that the SM-6 can be used against aircraft, helicopters and cruise missiles. They have an enhanced capability to strike moving targets both on land or at sea.

Tweet from the DoD: The DoD: “See how game-changing cross-domain concepts @USNAvy and the Strategic Capabilities Office are rapidly developing: An SM-6 launched off the USV Ranger using a modular launcher.

Such innovation is the driving force behind future joint capabilities. #DoDInnovates.”

As part of the Ghost Fleet Overlord Program, the DoD’s Strategic Capabilities Office is developing the US ghost ship.

The second phase of the programme is currently underway and is scheduled to conclude by 2022.

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AstraZeneca is worried: EU has listed a new side effect to the UK vaccine, nerve damage warning

AstraZeneca is worried: EU has listed a new side effect to the UK vaccine, nerve damage warning

Scientists from the University of Oxford, British-Swedish AstraZeneca developed the AstraZeneca jab.

The World Health Organization approved two versions of the jab for emergency use. One is made by the Serum Institute of India, and one by AstraZeneca SKBio in South Korea.

The EMA granted approval for the vaccine to people over 18 after an initial evaluation.

According to the WHO, people with severe allergies should avoid any vaccine.

In the meantime, further research is being done to determine if vaccinations are appropriate for children younger than 18.

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Locals baffled by strange ‘gruntings’ of deep-sea sharks caught with the face of pigs in Italy

Locals baffled by strange 'gruntings' of deep-sea sharks caught with the face of pigs in Italy

Sailors spotted it floating in the water at the Darsena Medicea marina in the town of Portoferraio, on the Italian island of Elba. When they pulled it out, what they first presumed was a shark actually appeared to have a face of pig. Experts identified it as an extremely rare Angular rawshark (Oxynotus centralina), and all reports it might have been a mutant were dispelled. Sometimes, angular roughsharks can also be called pig-faced sharks.

They can live as low as 700m (2300ft) under the surface of water.

This species has been added to the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, which means it is rare and endangered.

Although the creature was first seen three weeks ago in the wild, it became viral after photos were shared on social media.

Instantly, the Facebook post attracted hundreds of comments. The public tried to figure out the strange animal.

After being removed from the water, the angular roughshark went to the Harbour Office to be examined.

Elba Aquarium’s Yuri Tiberto told local media that sightings of deep-sea animals are not uncommon.

He stated that the fish is often called a “pig fish” because it produces a grunt when it emerges from water.

“In the Tuscan archipelago’s sea, it is common to see this fish. I have received reports of people finding pig fish in the local fishing nets.

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North Korea ‘spreading dangerous technology’ as NATO sounds nuke alarm: ‘Serious concern’

North Korea 'spreading dangerous technology' as NATO sounds nuke alarm: 'Serious concern'

Kim Jong-un‘s rogue nation held a bizarre military parade today to mark the communist state’s 73rd founding anniversary. Kim was visibly thinner as he watched the soldiers parade in their hazmat suits. There were also fireworks, fire engines and tractors. However, no major ballistic missiles could be seen – which is a marked departure from Pyongyang’s military parades.

This comes just days after Stoltenberg attacked North Korea, claiming that it was violating arms control rules.

On Monday at the NATO 17th conference on arms control, weapons of mass destruction Mr Stoltenberg condemned “ignoring or breaking global rules” as well as “spreading hazardous technology”.

He said, “NATO’s goal is to create a world without nuclear weapons.” We are prepared to continue to make the necessary steps in order to facilitate nuclear disarmament negotiation.

“But, any real disarmament has to be fair and verified.”

He also called for stronger Non-Proliferation Treaty to enforce international norms against nukes.

Stoltenberg said: “A world in which NATO allies have given-up their nuclear deterrent and Russia, China, or countries such as North Korea still retain their nuclear weapons is simply not safer.”

The UN nuclear agency reported that North Korea’s nuclear reactor had been restarted. This is widely believed by many to have made plutonium, which can be used in atomic weapons.

This was made possible by satellite images of the Yongbyon Nuclear Science and Weapons Research Centre.

According to the report, “North Korea’s nuclear activities remain a serious cause of concern.”

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The nation continued to work on its nuclear weapons program and quickly resumed nuclear tests. The country’s final nuclear test took place in 2017.

Located 60 miles from Pyongyang is Yongbyon, which is the home of the nation’s first nuclear reactor. It is also the sole source of plutonium known to be used in North Korea’s weapon programme.

Gary Samore is the director of Brandeis University’s Crown Center for Middle East Studies. He stated that “The IAEA Report” appears to show North Korea has begun producing plutonium for their nuclear weapons program.

North Korea has an impressive stockpile, but this indicates that it’s looking to increase its arsenal.

Kim Jong Un, North Korean leader offered relief to a variety of international sanctio at a summit held in Vietnam in 2019.

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ISS panic: Russia’s preparations for LEAVING space station sparks fire alarms

ISS panic: Russia's preparations for LEAVING space station sparks fire alarms

According to Russian reports, Russia’s Zvezda Module raised alarm following the detection of smoke and burned plastic. Crew members have activated the station’s system to remove harmful impurities, though the source of the problem remains unknown. According to Cosmonauts, they told Mission Control Centre in Moscow that an alarm had been set and that a “harmful substance was found.”

ESA astronaut Toma Pesce also reported to have smelled burning plastic at the US section of the station. This indicates that the ventilation system worked.

Russia’s Peter Dubrov is also a resident at the ISS, as are Americans Mark Vande Hai and Shane Kimbrow, Megan MacArthur and Japanese Akihiko Hashide, and Frenchman Tom Peske.

These emergency measures were put in place just as Russia was about to launch a second spacewalk to install a new module.

Nauka was the name of the module and it was successfully docked on August 21, 2021.

Russian cosmonauts, Mr Novitskiy (Russia) and Mr Dubrov (Russian), must perform as many spacewalks as possible to install the module on the ISS.

On September 3, the first spacewalk took place. The cosmonauts were able to spend almost eight hours outside of the ISS installing a grabbing spot and a power link.

The astronauts will be installing handrails in the outer area of their space laboratory for the second spacewalk. This will make it more comfortable to walk around, and also establish an Ethernet connection using data cables.

There will still be many tasks to complete before the Russian Nauka Module can be fully functional.

NASA stated: “Novitskiy is extravehicular crewmember 1 (EV1) and will be wearing the Russian Orlan spacesuit, with the red stripes.

Dubrov will be wearing the spacesuit with blue stripes for extravehicular crew member 2, (EV2).

These will be the 2nd and 3rd spacewalks by both cosmonauts; the 242nd & 243rd Spacewalks to support space station assembly and maintenance upgrades; as well as the 10th & 11th spacewalks at station 2021.

NASA had originally planned to live stream the event on NASA TV. However, the Spacewalk will likely be rescheduled due to the recent emergency.

Start time for the walk is at 4pm

NASA TV and NASA’s website will allow you to view the live broadcast.

Russian officials have warned that the ISS faces “irreparable failures” due to its outdated hardware and equipment.

Vladimir Solovyov, state media spokesperson said that at least 80 percent had expired on in-flight equipment for the Russian section of the ISS.

He said that small cracks could be found and can worsen with time.

Russia raised many concerns about hardware, and suggested that it might leave the ISS in 2025.

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“Einstein was wrong!” The physicists voted against the’most shocking discovery in Physics’

"Einstein was wrong!" The physicists voted against the'most shocking discovery in Physics'

Ms. Donald claims Einstein reacted against quantum physics due to its bizarre nature – which was his greatest mistake.

She said, “It is a world full of uncertainty where all things are built upon chance.”

It’s the greatest scientific discovery of all time. Einstein considered it to be catastrophic.

He famously stated, “God doesn’t play dice,” with a shrug of his head.

He seems to be doing it wrong.

He once said, “Well, I’m not Einstein,”

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Boris Johnson warns UK’s status as a world leader will be “severely affected” by budget cuts

Boris Johnson warns UK's status as a world leader will be "severely affected" by budget cuts

PMLiVE was told by Mike Clancy (president of Prospect Union): “Investment is the only way to make the world great.

The UK will lose its position as the world’s leader in medical regulation, and it’s ambitions to become a “science superpower” will be seriously damaged by the government’s inability to prevent the loss of skilled staff members who have contributed so much in the past months.

The decision to cut the MHRA’s budget has been attributed to the fallout caused by Brexit.

After Britain’s departure from the European Union in historic fashion, the European Medicines Agency moved its headquarters to Amsterdam.

The MHRA also lost millions in European funding as a consequence of Brexit.

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Pre-Viking Gold found in Archaeology ‘using Metal Detector for the First Time’

Pre-Viking Gold found in Archaeology 'using Metal Detector for the First Time'

Over two pounds worth of gold bracteates or medallions were discovered by Mr Schytz. Some of these are larger than saucers.

He said, “Denmark covers 43,000 kilometres. Then I chose to place the detector precisely where it was found.”

Vejle Museum archaeologists arrived at the spot and discovered that the treasure was hidden in the longhouse belonging to a chieftain.

This site would have had been an actual village over 1,500 years ago.

Peter Vang Petersen (Museum Inspector, The National Museum of Denmark), said that this discovery represents the largest haul of treasure in Denmark for decades.

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