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Scorpio August horoscope: Astrology reading for the month ahead – Scorpio star sign

Scorpio love matches

Ruled by fiery Mars and Pluto, Scorpio has one aim in a relationship and it’s all or nothing.

Scorpios are one of a kind who are loyal, passionate and have a great sense of humour.

While marrying a Scorpio can be intense, their fellow love match will soon realise that they wouldn’t want it any other way.

They love romance and passion and their biggest love matches are:
– Cancer
– Aquarius
– Taurus

Scorpio career outlook

This star sign loves leading a team and they put all their effort into whatever project they are doing.

When they’re passionate about a project, the results can be amazing and will benefit not only them but also their colleagues around them.

Suited careers for a Scorpio included entrepreneur, film director and even a restauranteur.

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2020 will be a major year for Scorpio in more ways than one and they will reap the benefits from working hard in their career over the past years.

Scorpio meanings

This star sign is the eighth astrological sign and originates from the constellation.

Whats more, this sign isn’t just associated with the scorpion. It also has associations with the snake and eagle too.

The ruling planet of a star sign is generally the one which has the most influence over it.

For a Scorpio these planets are Mars and Pluto.

Mars in Scorpio takes their intensity trait to the extreme. In astrology, Mars is all about energy, passion and the thing that drives someone.

You can see the Scorpio constellation on hot summer evenings between July and August.

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