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Scrubs reunion: Will there be another series of Scrubs? Turk star opens up

NBC and ABC sitcom Scrubs first debuted back in 2001 with wide-eyed, day-dreaming young medic John “J.D.” Dorian (played by Zach Braff) giving viewers an insight into his life as a junior doctor as well as a glimpse into his surreal mind. Scrubs aired for nine seasons and came to a close in 2010 after attempted spin-off series failed to gain traction with fans. But will there be a reunion at some point to celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary since airing?



Express.co.uk recently spoke to Turk star Donald Faison about the possibility of a reunion or a Scrubs movie.

The interview took place before Scrubs actor Sam Lloyd tragically died from an inoperable brain tumour on April 30 after he was diagnosed in 2019.

The cast and crew of Scrubs paid tribute to the late star, who was better known as his alter-ego, the musically-gifted if timid hospital lawyer Ted Buckland.

Star Braff led the tributes, posting on Twitter to his 2 million followers: “Rest In Peace to one of the funniest actors I’ve ever had the joy of working with. Sam Lloyd made me crack up and break character every single time we did a scene together. He could not have been a kinder man. I will forever cherish the time I had with you, Sammy.”

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Scrubs first aired back in 2001 and ran for 9 seasons (Image: SKY)

Scrubs: The series could return for a movie (Image: SKY)

Will there be a Scrubs reunion?

Speaking to Express.co.uk in April, Faison opened up about the return of Scrubs, saying: “Yeah, you know scheduling is really difficult when it comes to stuff like that.

“Before this whole pandemic thing happened, everybody was working on something.

“I was doing Emergence and Sarah Chalke was doing something else.”

The Clueless and Emergence actor continued: “And to say that we can do a series again, that would be really difficult but maybe a movie, maybe something like that, that’s possible.”

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Scrubs: The comedy ran for nearly a decade (Image: SKY)

Scrubs: Turk star Donald Faison opened up about a possible reunion (Image: SKY)

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the resulting lockdown throwing TV and film productions into uncertainty, Faison’s words seemed optimistic about Scrubs making some sort of comeback.

Since appearing in Scrubs, Faison has appeared in some big TV shows and films including The Exes, Ray Donovan and sci-fi series Emergence.

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Although the reunion or film may have to wait, Faison and Braff recently launched a podcast called Fake Doctor, Real Friends which sees the pair reminiscing about their Scrubs days.

Each episode of the podcast will see the duo going over an episode of the sitcom and sharing titbits from the set but also details about filming certain scenes from the instalment.

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The first episode involved the pair taking a trip down memory lane as they recalled going in for auditions for Scrubs and their first day on set.

They also spoke about going through a table read-through and meeting the other cast members.

Fake Doctors, Real Friends has seen guest appearances from Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence and also co-star and Rick and Morty voice actress Sarah Chalke.

Due to popular demand, Braff and Faison have even gone up to releasing two episodes of Fake Doctors, Real Friends each week every Tuesday and Thursday on iHeart Radio.

Faison said: “Right now, we’re having everybody on the podcast. It’ll be great.

“Any Scrubs fans out there, they truly want to find us and hear what’s going on with us.”

He added: “If Scrubs fans really want to find us, me, Zach, whoever can check it out. We talk about everything.”

Scrubs seasons 1 to 9 is streaming on All 4 now

Fake Doctors, Real Friends is available to listen to on iHeart Radio

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