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Sea of Thieves update: Ashen Winds out NOW, patch notes for major Xbox One download

Sea of Thieves Ashen Winds update release today – Patch and server latest (Image: MICROSOFT)

SEA OF THIEVES ASHEN WINDS – UPDATE ONE: Sea of Thieves Ashen Winds content update has been released on Xbox One and Windows 10 following four hours of server downtime.

One of the big new additions to Sea of Thieves is the Ashen Winds skull, which can act as a flamethrower weapon – spewing fire and setting nearby friends or foes alight.

The release of the Sea of Thieves Ashen Winds update was confirmed by the game’s Twitter account. They posted: “Ashen Winds blaze through the Sea of Thieves! Ashen Lords. Ashen Winds Skull. New Accessibility Options. Skull Sweep Wednesdays. Ashen Curse Pets. Fresh Pirate Emporium & Black Market stock. And more!”

Details on what’s included in the Sea of Thieves Ashen Winds update were shared in a post online. Here’s what the patch includes…


An Ill Wind Blows…

It seems the rage of Captain Flameheart is far from spent as he makes another play for dominance on the Sea of Thieves. Through the treachery of Stitcher Jim and the efforts of all those pirates duped into helping him, Flameheart has amassed the Tomes, Jewels and other ritual ingredients needed to raise up his most loyal followers as fiery Ashen Lords. The Order of Souls now urge sensible pirates to defy these new aggressors – but sensible may be asking a lot when pirates realise what can be done with their flame-spewing skulls…

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The Order of Souls has divined the names of four Ashen Lords… so far. These deadly Skeleton Captains were nuisance enough before, but having pledged themselves to Flameheart and had the Ashen Curse bestowed upon them, they are now capable of terrible devastation.

The Order of Souls will pay well for the intact skulls of Captain Grimm, Red Ruth, Old Horatio and Warden Chi – a fearsome, fiery foursome. You’ll find these menacing figures stalking the islands of the Sea of Thieves, meaning that no Voyage or exploration will truly be safe!


Overthrowing the Ashen Lords is no easy task, as they wield terrible powers of flame imbued by their raging master. They are said to exhale fire and hurl burning rocks, raining fury and destruction onto those who would dare challenge them!

To make matters worse, an Ashen Lord will often burst into flames when using its gifts, so think twice about getting up close and personal in combat. Pirates are also warned that these miscreants can summon forth clouds of ash so dense that little can be seen inside – watch out for that flaming breath coming out of the dark! Speaking of which…


The Ashen Lords spit gouts of fire from their ash-encrusted jaws, which doesn’t necessarily stop when the skull is removed. In other words, an Ashen Winds Skull isn’t just a trophy for the Order of Souls, it can be used as a deadly weapon! Point the cursed cranium at your enemies and let it spew a torrent of flames for maximum chaos.

The Ashen Jewels inside these skulls contain the power of the curse and will dim as you use their infernal power. Be mindful of fully draining these gems, as they’re worth less to the Order of Souls with their power depleted. A little restraint will earn you the most gold and reputation!

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The Sea of Thieves Ashen Winds update was delayed by a week (Image: RARE)


Ashen Lords are an emergent threat, meaning that you could encounter one during any visit to an island on the Sea of Thieves. If you’re seeking out an Ashen Lord by choice, watch the skies for the new Ashen Winds Cloud like a tornado that marks the site where one of these tyrants has surfaced.

On your regular Voyages, just be on your toes for danger, much as you’d watch the waves for Kraken or Megalodon attacks while sailing. Should you encounter another crew carrying an Ashen Winds Skull, you can always try stealing it to cash in – but this loot is hotly contested and might prove too tricky to take!


Looking for some pirating inspiration, a warm-up for your next sailing session or just a quick fix of gold or Doubloons?

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Head to the Events Hub where you’ll find all the latest challenges and live events, from quickfire Daily Bounties to regular weekly specials, plus any unique time-limited events offering their own rewards.

New Items Added

Pirate Emporium

The Pirate Emporium provides exclusive new ways to express yourself, offering pirate pets, unique ship liveries and additional emotes! New items are added every month, so visit the Emporium in-game or head to the Pirate Emporium page to learn more

Ashen Curse Pets Collection

These pets are scorchers! We suggest fireproofing their favourite perches.

ORIGINAL: Sea of Thieves Ashen Winds update is being released today on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs, with servers currently being taken offline ahead of the patch’s release.

The Sea of Thieves Twitter account last week revealed that the Ashen Winds content update was set to launch on Wednesday July 29.

The major Sea of Thieves July update had previously been scheduled for a Wednesday July 22 release before Ashen Winds had its launch delayed by a week.

The patch was pushed back amid issues with Sea of Thieves servers where rewards and commendations were not unlocking as they should have done.

As reported on in a post by PCGamesN, these issues hit between July 15 and July 21 with Rare later saying the Sea of Thieves problem had been resolved.

And the Sea of Thieves developer added that unfortunately data during the affected period had been lost and couldn’t be restored.

Those who logged into Sea of Thieves while the server issues were taking place will get 60,000 gold and 200 doubloons.

The Sea of Thieves Support Twitter had posted: “After investigation, this data has proved to be unrecoverable. We apologise to those of you who were impacted by this and we are now preparing to compensate all players who launched Sea of Thieves between July 15th 00:00 UTC and July 21st 00:00 UTC.

“All players who launched Sea of Thieves between the times stated in the above tweet will receive a bundle of 60,000 gold and 200 Doubloons.

“Unfortunately due to the loss of data, any progress made in Tall Tales, Daily Events, Commendations etc. cannot be compensated for.”

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So far details on Ashen Winds, which was announced during a recent Sea of Thieves developer video, are thin on the ground.

We do know that the Sea of Thieves Ashen Winds update will feature a new skull that you can either sell to the Order of Souls for gold or use as a weapon.

From the looks of it the Ashen Winds Skull will act as a flamethrower when activated, spewing hot fire from its mouth and lighting up anyone nearby.

Last Thursday the Sea of Thieves Twitter confirmed the re-arranged release date for the Ashen Winds update.

They posted: “Attention pirates! The next free Sea of Thieves content update, Ashen Winds, will arrive on July 29th.”

The tweet also featured skull and fire emojis.

Sea of Thieves Ashen Winds update is out today (Wednesday July 29) (Image: MICROSOFT)

While yesterday the @SeaofThieves account confirmed when servers would be going offline for the Ashen Winds update.

They tweeted: “Attention pirates! The Sea of Thieves servers will be offline from approximately 10am BST tomorrow, Wednesday 29th, to prepare the seas for Ashen Winds. We mean it this time. Please plan your Voyages accordingly!”

Like clockwork Sea of Thieves servers went down today (Wednesday July 29), but it’s unclear how long server downtime will last for.

Typically Sea of Thieves server downtime last for a few hours at least so hopefully by lunchtime today in the UK the patch will be live – but we’ll have to wait and see.

The Sea of Thieves website is set to post full patch notes for the Ashen Winds update later today.

At 10am BST the Sea of Thieves Twitter account wrote: “The Sea of Thieves servers are now offline so that Ashen Winds can begin to blow! Tend to your gear for now, we’ll let you know when your next challenge can be summoned.”

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