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Season 4 end date revealed

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Barring any delays, we have a projection for when Season 5 will begin

The launch of Season 4 saw some awesome new content for both casuals and competitive players alike. Marvel Cinematic Universe’s historic collaboration with Fortnite is pushing the boundaries of how video games interact with popular culture

While there’s still a lot of new content to explore and future patches that will even further drive us down many more rabbit holes to come, we’re always on the lookout for what’s next. And after Season 4, we should expect a whole new round of epic changes (pun intended)

But when exactly is Season 4 slated to finish? According to prominent Fortnite leakers, November 30th is the date in question

HypeX was among the first to uncover this mystery on patch night a few days ago. Patch night is a crazy time for leakers as so much new information gets thrown at them at once… but that also means many interesting details falls between the cracks

Will there be any delays?

Knowing Epic, I wouldn’t bank on the fact that this season will actually end on November 30th exactly. Fortnite’s track record is quite spotty with initial end dates, historically speaking. Season 1 of Chapter 2 saw us eclipse the 100 day season mark for the first time in history after multiple series of delays

Despite the uncertainty, I wouldn’t be all too worried about a doomsday scenario like we saw at the beginning of this year. We already know there is so much new content on the horizon which caters to both the core and competitive players

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Throughout the season, new heros from the MCU will be introduced to the map. Wolverine, Thor, Storm, Black Panther, and The Hulk are among characters ready for deployment according to game files

Check out our dedicated news post regarding all the characters and their abilities here

We should also expect competitive players and sweaty creative warriors to find some joy in another gamemode expected to hit Fortnite later this season. I’m talking about ranked boxfights

Picture content from the game files show that an Arena playlist for box fighting is in the works. Last season, Fortnite hosted a limited test event where players could play up to 20 box fight matches. Clix, of course, thrived in that event and won all 20 games for first place on NA-East

We’ve also seen Fortnite tinker with community creations in the past, adding Zone Wars as a limited time gamemode during Season X


Box fighting is a logical step in the same direction; it’s quite clear that many Fortnite players enjoy the game mode… maybe even more than Zone Wars? But that’s an argument for another time

Bottom line

This season should last exactly 3 months. If it doesn’t, the abundance of content available to all types of players should ensure we don’t get a huge “lag period” that we saw between Season 1 and 2 in February

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