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Second coronavirus lockdown: Israel first nation to bring complete restrictions back

On Thursday the Israeli government took the decision to begin a countrywide lockdown starting next Friday. The new lockdown would begin on the eve of the Jewish new year. The strict regulations could comprise such rules as a ban on moving more than 500 metres from a person’s home.

There could also be limits on gatherings of ten people indoors and 20 outdoors.

The measures will also see schools being shut and lessons being held online.

Data from John Hopkins’s University showed Israel now had the highest new infection rate per person globally.

Infections continue to rise across the nation leading to criticism of leader Benjamin Netanyahu’s handling of the crisis.

Yesterday 4,429 new cases were recorded.

Contrasting the high infection rate, the mortality rate in Israel remains low.

There have been 1,077 deaths in Israel since the pandemic began.

The conclusion amongst experts is that the low death rate is because of Israel’s relatively young population demographic.

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“People are behaving without understanding the seriousness of the situation and the leadership isn’t giving any example.

“We’re in slow collapse.”

The government has been accused of putting the economy and business interests above the safety of individuals.

The Israeli government has recently been hastily making maneuvers to convey they are taking responsibility for the recent failures in tackling the pandemic.

Source:Daily Express :: World Feed

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