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Discovered by competitive player u/BigManHenry – learn how to achieve maximum speed using this simple trick!

Regardless if you’re playing a casual game with the boys or sweating for your life in a tournament, there’s one boring part of everyone wishes we can fast forward: across the map

These problems tend to arise when the first few zones are max distance away from where you dropped. If you drop on any of the corners of the map, unlucky zone rng could mean you’re for half of the entire game (seriously, we calculated it)

Enter Reddit user u/BigManHenry with the solution. The avid competitive fan found a neat little trick using the current loot pool that can get you moving much quicker than previously possible

How to run MUCH than with regular peppers from r/Competitive

The spicy fish, which have been appearing in various areas of the map, come in 5 separate variants. These variants are reliant on which part of the map you find the Spicy Fish:

  • Molten Spicy Fish – Found anywhere

  • Drift Spicy Fish – Found in foresty areas

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    White Spotted Spicy Fish – Found in the mountains

  • Southern Spicy Fish – Found in swampy/marsh areas

  • Sky Blue Spicy Fish – Found along the coasts

The stacking strategy, which involves consuming both peppers and spicy fishes, offers you a nearly overpowered ability. after eating a pepper increases your speed by 28% – while eating a spicy fish afterwards makes you run a staggering 45%

In addition to being able to run like The Flash, consuming a spicy fish has additional benefits. You will be instantly healed for 15 white health after consuming the spicy fish – but you can still eat it if you’re on max HP and just want the additional speed

New fish – new strats?

While we’ve known more fish are in the pipeline from game file leaks, recently confirmed that we’ll be seeing them over the next few weeks through a telling tweet. We’ve already seen the effectiveness of the thermal fish against bush campers and now have another (fishy) tool in our arsenal – could this just be the beginning of new strats to come?

Remember: next time you have a long-as-heck rotate, think twice about stepping over this underrated utility item. Who knows – it might just save your life!

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