SerpentAU released from Overtime following use of macros

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As the season unwinds and content becomes increasingly sparse, community members-turned-detective were out for blood and got it

The story of SerpentAU goes back to 2019 when “creative warriors” – the Faze Sway’s of the world – started to surge in popularity. “Freebuilding” is a phenomenon where a very mechanical player (both keyboard and controller inputs) would do insane builds and retakes and compile them into mini compilations (montages)

Given that creative was introduced in December of 2018, it really didn’t take all too long for this popular Fortnite culture to emerge. And not far after, we see SerpentAU enter stage left

Serpent got his start by posting flashy videos showcasing his best plays edited down to no more than 3 minutes

SerpentAU released from Overtime following use of macros

But things really started to pick up for SerpentAU during the latter half of 2019 when his insanely fast edits separated him from the pack. Perhaps, the edits were too fast?

Regardless, the story picks back up just last week when another Australian creative YouTuber by the name of EJLad dropped a bombshell on the community. His claim? Serpent was hacking his way to fame through the use of macros and aimbot

It’s a pretty long video, check it out if you care for the long explanation. But the rundown is that some of Serpent’s clips are physically impossible… and a few screenshots which allege Serpent to be buying macros from a hack seller

Serpent wouldn’t go down without a fight however. A few days later, he posted a video defending himself. He had this to say:

Both of these videos had direct evidence nullifying the other’s claims, leaving the fans to pick sides. Obviously, some stuck with Serpent while others believed EJ. This left us in a pretty weird standstill for quite a while. That is, until Overtime, the organization Serpent played under, had this to say:

In a later clarification, Overtime Tweaks remarked, “When Parallel EJ first accused SerpentAU, Hantao and i spent the next 48 hours investigating into whether Serpent was using hacks or not, we asked multiple times for handcams, he initially said that he didn’t have a webcam, we suggested he use his phone.”

Tweaks wrapped things up with the nail in the coffin, saying “He then later confessed to us that the entire time, since day one he had been using a macro to edit and reset. That is why he didn’t want to do a handcam. Both Overtime and I did not want to stay silent and support someone who profits off of cheating.”

While things could have been handled a lot cleaner from both Serpent and EJ’s respective sides, you’ve got to hand it to Team Overtime for taking an active stance against unfair play. One of their top creators isn’t above the law of the land known as gaming

So what is the key takeaway? Don’t cheat, kids. You might get temporary fame like this guy, but it’ll always come back to bite you in the butt. Grind and grow the right way, because at the end of the day, it’s the only option in this industry

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