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Shane Warne auctioning baggy green to help Australia Bushfire Appeal – over £450k raised

Shane Warne is auctioning his baggy green cap to aid the Australia Bushfire Appeal with bids passing the £450,000 mark. All funds raised from the auction will be donated to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund.

Warne wore the cap for every one of his 145 Tests for Australia, taking a remarkable 708 wickets.

The baggy green has been described as the “most famous cricket cap in the world” and every person who has played a Test for Australia has been given one.

Warne is donating his to raise funds with Australia suffering from major bushfires across the country.

At least 27 people have died since the fire season began in September with millions of animals also being killed.

Warne said auctioning the cap was the least he could do.

“The horrific bushfires in Australia have left us all in disbelief,” Warne said.

“The impact these devastating fires are having on so many people is unthinkable and has touched us all.

“Lives have been lost, homes have been destroyed and over 500 million animals have died.

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“Some of the images we’re seeing are absolutely horrific.”

The auction ends at 11pm tonight UK with bids in excess of £450,000 by 1.30pm.

There have been fires in every Australia state with New South Wales having been hit hardest.

The hot weather in Australia is causing the fires with dry areas of land meaning the flames are spreading.

Australia is experiencing one of its worst droughts in decades with the country’s Bureau of Meteorology stating that the last spring was the driest on record.

Strong winds have also made the fires and smoke spread more rapidly.

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