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Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick breaks down as he speaks for first time after dog Keira’s death

Supervet Noel Fitzpatrick has paid an emotional tribute to his beloved dog Keira after he confirmed the devastating news of her death last week. In a heartbreaking clip posted to Instagram, the vet shared how the Border Terrier had been with him through “the ups and downs” of 14 years, while being comforted by his cat, Ricochet, who affectionately sat on his lap.

Addressing his 277,000 followers, the Irish native thanked his fans for their kind words after he was inundated with messages following the heartbreaking news last week.

Noel started the clip by saying: “It’s the dawn of a new day, the first day since we put up a new headstone for Keira.

“Thank you so much everybody for all of your good wishes and your kind thoughts and your compassion in the last few days since we lost her.”

The vet went on to share a snap of her beloved Keira from last Sunday.

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Reflecting on her life, he said: “We loved her. She was our sister, our daughter, our family member.

“She’s been by my side for 14 years. Through all the ups and downs, ins and outs; she sat on my knee when I was writing lectures or doing reports.

“Whether I was happy or sad. She liked it when I was sad because she would lick my tears. She liked the salt. But most importantly, she was the best friend I could ever want,” he added before breaking down.

Noel went on to reveal that his beloved companion had been by his side and encouraged him to be the best version of himself.

“I believe in independence of choice and when she had her bad accident and nearly died a year ago I chose to give her an extra year of life,” he explained, before adding that she’d had a “great” year.

The star went on to tell how he believed that he and Keira were “mutual guardians”, before sharing that she showed him “unconditional love”.

“She shared the most valuable gift in the entire world with me, unconditional love. That’s it,” Noel said.

“That’s all there is, but she also taught me that with great love comes great pain. And that’s okay, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. No other way,” he said while wiping away tears.

Noel said that Keria’s headstone had just been finished, before sharing the inscription he chose to adorn the plaque.

He explained: “We placed a tombstone for her yesterday which said, ‘To my beautiful baby girl, may you run in the stars forever.'”

Ending the clip, Noel said: “Your light remains inside me. You’re always by my side.

“Keira, I love you and everybody thank you so much. She remains with us. Her light remains with every single one of us that believes in unconditional love,” he added.

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Monty Don tells disappointed fans BBC show is not returning ‘Wouldn’t commission more!’

Monty Don has admitted one of his shows was “not commissioned” anymore by the BBC in a candid chat with a fan. However, the Gardeners’ World host admitted he’s very “very happy and busy” with what he’s already doing on the small screen.

Monty has fronted several shows over his years broadcasting on the BBC.

Recently a fan named TMatrix2020 reached out to him asking for an update on one of his older shows.

They penned: “Stumbled upon Big Dreams, Small Spaces on TogetherTV and really enjoyed it.

“Lovely to see @TheMontyDon interact with the public on their projects, you get a different angle of insight to Gardeners World, and get to know Monty as a person better, shame only seems to be 2 series.”

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Viewer PeteMcAndrew then added: “I loved it too. Someone should start a campaign…”

“It’d be great to have it on @BBCiPlayer,” replied GodsonLynn while Cherrycoombe wrote: “Pity.”

Another follower then reached out to him, suggesting he should “do more presenting”.

User MartinwWhite72 wrote: “Would love to see you do more presenting Monty.

“Maybe a series on dogs or dog training?”

The Gardeners’ World host then hit back at the fan, pointing out he is “very happy and busy”.

He penned: “I have done a great deal of various programmes over the past 32 years and am very happy – and busy – with what I have lined up at the present.”

Elsewhere, Monty has admitted he’ll be taking a brief break from presenting his BBC show.

The host will be replaced by Adam Frost this week once again, which he announced on last week’s edition of the show.

He told BBC viewers he won’t be appearing at Longmeadow this week.

Monty explained: “I’m away next week but Adam will be taking the reins.

“You can join him in his garden at 8.30pm next Friday so until then, goodbye.”

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Question of Sport outrage as dancer Anton du Beke joins line-up: ‘Clue is in the title!’

Praising the Strictly pro-turned-judge, Ugo answered: “His depth of knowledge across decades of sport, across loads of sport, whether its geography or hair flicking, he’s all over it.”

Paddy was equally impressed as he weighed in, referring to an earlier answer Anton got right: “It was the ’84 dart one that got me.

“I was like, ‘Where’s he got that from?’ Absolutely fantastic,” he added.

Question of Sport continues Friday on BBC One.

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‘Your timing is impeccable!’ Adam Frost halts Gardeners World demo as pet derails segment

“But it’s not just that, it’s the form of this plant,” Adam added. “So when I’m sort of putting these plants together, I want things popping up and I want a rhythm and a sort of movement through. 

“But every now and then, I want to put in sort of just a bolder shape, and this is what it gives you. 

“It gives you good ground coverage, then it throws up the flower spikes and when they start to come up through these grasses, you know, that relationship is beautiful,” Adam continued, convinced he’d found the right plant to combat the “heaviness” of his grasses.

Delving into the dirt, Adam spoke through how he planned on tackling the issue.

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Only Fools and Horses fans ‘switch off’ This Morning after musical stint: ‘Butchering it!’

Alison also “loved it” as when the action returned to the studio, she said: “I wanna go and see that now!”

Dermot joked: “You don’t wanna see it, you wanna be in it! All the way through, Alison said, ‘I could be in that.’

“I said, ‘what would you do?’, she said, ’stand at the back like that’,” Dermot added as he began to dance on the sofa.

Alison and Dermot shared a laugh before moving on with the rest of the ITV show.

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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Sarah Harding was the last act of kindness to show her gratitude for star’s 10 year-old song.

In view of her 386,000 fans at the time, she wrote: “Hi everybody – hope your all doing well.

It’s so nice to know that Hear Me Out has been enjoyed by you all!

I can’t believe that you idiots managed to get the song into the charts! You are all amazing people.

Wear It Like A Crown was her reason for releasing the album. The singer explained that she found a song about ten years old while searching my computer for photos to add in the book.

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BBC fury as viewers outraged by 3 hour Olympic golf coverage: ‘Bin it off!’

“We will be concentrating on the #Golf coverage for the first few hours as the tournament enters its final stages,” she said as she explained there was going to be sole focus on the Men’s individual event.

As of Sunday morning, Team GB remains in the sixth position on the medal table, a position they’ve held for the past few days.

This includes nine gold medals, 10 silver and 12 bronze, bringing the total number of medals to a total of 31.

China is leading the way with 50 medals, of which they’ve secured 23 gold, 14 silver and 13 bronze medals.

Tokyo Olympics coverage continues weekdays from 5am on BBC One.

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Piers Morgan suffering ‘shocking fatigue’ 18 days after contracting Covid Delta virus

Last week, Piers Morgan revealed that he had contracted Covid, believing that he caught the deadly virus at the Euro 2020 final at Wembley. Two weeks after his battle with the Delta variant, the former Good Morning Britain host was still living with long-term effects.

He is still suffering from “waves of fatigue” which he described as “shocking” in a twitter update last yesterday.

The 56-year-old TV star has also lost his sense of taste and smell.

Piers said he has been warned that the effects of long covid could last “quite a while”.

The NHS website states that most people will make a full recovery in 12 weeks, but it can take longer for others.

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Piers gave fans an update on his health, in his Mail on Sunday newspaper column.

On July 27, two weeks after contracting COVID-19, he wrote: “I’ve been left with waves of fatigue and a persistent cough that apparently could go on for quite a while.

“But by far the most annoying side effect is my current ongoing inability to taste or smell fine wine,” the wine connoisseur added.

He also took to social media yesterday, with an additional update, while reaching out to others.

“Yes me! I’m on day 17 still no smell and little taste. Get very tired too after doing very little. Am double jabbed and very shocked at how it has affected me, god knows how ill I’d have been without the vaccine,”(sic) another added.

A third said: “My husband and I both fully vaccinated and very unwell after being diagnosed with COVID the beginning of July.(sic)

“My husband is 51yrs and this is the first time in his working life he’s been off work unwell. We didn’t wake up today until 12:40 and had to drag ourselves out of bed.”

More worryingly a fourth person added: “Friend of mine still suffering fatigue 12 months on, as well as damage to liver and kidneys.”(sic)

Piers replied with a wide-eyed emoji.

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Stephen Fry fires back at Lord Digby Jones after he takes aim at Alex Scott’s accent

On Friday, Lord Jones, a former House of Lords member, suggested Scott “spoils a good presentational job on the BBC Olympics Team with her very noticeable inability to pronounce her ‘g’s at the end of a word.” He continued by listing examples of sporting nouns ending in the letter ‘g’.

Lord Jones, Baron Jones of Birmingham, 65, added in the post on Twitter: “Competitors are NOT taking part, Alex, in the fencin, rowin, boxin, kayakin, weightliftin & swimmin.”

In response, the Arsenal legend, 36, said she is “proud” to be from a working class family in East London – and the tweets were trending on Saturday.

Fry, 63, also shared his views.

He wrote in response to Lord Jones: “You are everything linguists and true lovers of language despise.

“Also, since we’re being picky, you are not “Lord Digby Jones”, you are Digby, Lord Jones.

“There’s a world of difference.

“But however you’re titled, you disgrace the upper house with your misplaced snobbery.”

Former right-back Scott, winner of 21 major honours during her time at Arsenal, was born in Poplar, East London and has an Irish mother and Jamaican father.

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BBC presenter Gary Lineker said responded: “I wonder which accents are acceptable to Lord Snobbery of Digby?”

Team GB currently sits sixth in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic medal table with 28 awarded.

This includes eight golds, nine silver and 11 bronze.

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Gogglebox star Tom Malone shares heartbreak after family suffers loss ‘She will be missed’

“Very sorry to let you all know that sadly Izzie passed away today,” Tom penned.

“She was a great dog and we’ll miss her dearly.”

Following Izzie’s death, the family have three Rottweilers – Dave, Lucy, and Joe, who feature on the show alongside the family.

Despite Channel 4 having not yet confirmed a date for the return of Gogglebox, fans expect that it will start again in the autumn.

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