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Sky confirms ANOTHER price rise: Here's what your new TV bill will cost

Sky has confirmed plans to raise prices for people who watch its contract-free service, NOW TV. That’s the second time in as many years that Sky has increased the cost of its streaming service, which is available on a range of Smart TVs, video game consoles, set-top boxes, smartphones and tablets.

For those who don’t know, NOW TV offers viewers access to a host of channels you’d usually only be able to watch on a Sky set-top box, like Sky Atlantic and Sky Cinema. NOW TV customers can subscribe one-month at a time – cancelling anytime without paying a penalty.

Channels are bundled together into NOW TV Passes. Viewers can subscribe for 24-hours, a week, or a month at a time – depending on what Pass you’re looking to watch. But unfortunately, those who want to keep bingeing boxsets from the NOW TV Entertainment Pass will need to spend a little extra every month from September 1, 2020 onwards.

The Entertainment Pass, which currently costs £8.99 a month, includes the likes of Sky Atlantic, Sky One, FOX, Gold, MTV as well as newly-launched channels like Sky Documentaries, Sky Nature, and Sky History. Sky is increasing the monthly cost by £1, so NOW TV viewers will only get 1p change from a tenner to keep watching when the change kicks-in later this year.

That might not seem like a lot, but that’s still an extra £12 a year. So, if you can find a good deal on the Entertainment Pass – you might want to buy sooner rather than later to ensure you get the old price locked-in. This could save you paying the extra monthly cost from September 1, 2020 – delaying it a few months or so.

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And it’s not just the Entertainment Pass that’s set for a price increase.

Hayu, which airs the latest reality television shows at the same time as episodes premiere in the United States, is also going to cost slightly more from early September. The bundle of channels, which includes access to Keeping Up With The Kardashians, currently costs £3.99. However, that’s set to rise to £4.99 a month from September 1, 2020.

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