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Sky Q gets exciting feature from Sky+HD that means you'll never have to watch the adverts

Let’s cut to the chase – Beehive Bedlam is back. Yes, the addictive bee-based game, which was a staple on older Sky+ and Sky+HD set-top boxes, has finally made it to the current-generation Sky Q kit. Despite Sky Q supporting a slew of apps, including Spotify to enjoy your favourite playlist through the soundbar connected to your telly, Disney+ and Netflix to binge your favourite boxsets, there was no sign of the beloved, old-school mini-game. But that’s changed.

The UK broadcaster revived the classic game, which was the subject of a recent Change.org petition, over the weekend with 20 levels to battle through.

Granted, Beehive Bedlam is not going to replace the PlayStation 4 sat beside your telly, but it’s an ideal time-filler whenever you’re waiting for your favourite TV show to start. Or if you’re looking for a distraction during some particularly dull adverts.

Unlike Beehive Bedlam on Sky+HD, where the game took over your entire screen, Sky Q allows you to play the game side-by-side with your TV show – so you won’t miss the moment your show restarts.

Elizabeth Wynn, Managing Director of TV at Sky, said: “We heard you – fan favourite Beehive Bedlam is officially back on Sky Q, so you can enjoy more of what you love in one place. Start challenging your family to the highest score and see who flies to the top of the leader board. We look forward to seeing the results!”

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The mini-game can be launched with an easy-to-remember voice command, like ‘Bring Back Beehive Bedlam’, ‘Bee Bee Bee’, and ‘Start Beehive Bedlam’. Or, if you prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, you can head to the Apps page in the main Sky Q menu. In the banner of Games, you’ll find Beehive Bedlam.

If you’ve never ventured into this part of the Sky Q menu before, Beehive Bedlam isn’t the only game available to you. There are a number of titles from developer Playworks, including Tomb Runner, Strike, Doodle Jump, Crossy Road, and Solitaire.

It’s important to note that every Sky Q and Sky Q Mini box in your house will have its own leaderboard – so obliterating the all-time high score on a Q Mini box in the bedroom means you won’t see your new record in the living room on the main Sky Q box. If you’re not the sort of show-off who’s bothered by that, this shouldn’t be a problem. And if you are, maybe take a photo of the score and share it in a Facebook post to rub friends / family members’ noses in it?

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