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Sky reporter gatecrashed by son in 'embarrassing' on-air blunder – 'Absolute scenes!'

The Sky journalist was speaking about former Prime Minister David Cameron when the door opens behind her and a young boy walks in.

She tells viewers: “I’m really sorry, that’s my son arriving.

“Sorry, really embarrassed, sorry.”

She then asks her child to “hold on one second”.

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However, Ms Haynes’ son insists on asking if he can have “two biscuits”.

After she confirms the request, the editor apologises once more.

At this point, Sky News cut back to studio presenter Mark Austin.

He tells viewers: “We’ll leave Deborah Haynes there in full flow with some family duties.”

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Barnaby Patchett was also amused by the gatecrasher: “He knew what he was doing – gaining leverage in the snack negotiations. If mum hadn’t been on the telly, he’d have ended up with a piece of fruit. Two biscuits – great result.”

However, others weren’t pleased with the way Sky News handled the exchange, especially in comparison to the infamous ‘BBC Dad’.

Samira Ahemed to write: “She was multi-tasking just fine and had resolved the whole thing. Did he really cut off the interview at the point when the biscuit negotiation had already been concluded?”

Another user added: “Oooooh they seem a bit dismissive cutting her off like that, I won’t lie!”

Paul Clarke agreed: “Incredibly graceless response compared to the BBC.”

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