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Sky TV reveals its plan to fix a major problem during the UK's lockdown

Sky TV reveals its plan to fix a major problem during the UK's lockdown 1

Like almost all paid television and broadband suppliers, Sky is facing a tough time trying to connect and install its service in homes. For obvious reasons, the firm can’t currently send out engineers to homes due to the coronavirus outbreak which means anyone wanting to sign up during the lockdown is being left with disappointing news.

Sky recently revealed that it would not be accepting new customers until June. As such, the satellite and broadband firm has removed all deals for new customers from its website.

In its latest update to customers, Sky confirmed these measures will stay in place until at least June 1. Announcing this latest update on its website, Sky said: “We’d love more people to have Sky, but we can’t send our engineers out right now due to COVID-19. They’ll be back on the road from June 1.”

Luckily, there’s still a way to sign up to Sky and get instant access to its best content, the company has confirmed. For new customers unable to get technicians out to their home, Sky will now offer customers the chance to start watching its programming via your mobile, laptop and tablet.

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Clearly, without a dish stuck to your outside wall and a Sky Q box nestled under your TV, you’re not going to get access to the full range of Sky content – including the ability to rewind live television, use voice search, or view in HDR, but this does offer a temporary fix for those wanting something extra to watch.

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As soon as it’s possible to get an engineer out, Sky will then install its full service in your home. Sky isn’t the only firm that has stopped its visits to properties.

Openreach, which provides the infrastructure for brands like EE, BT, TalkTalk, Zen, Sky, Giganet and more, has also suspended almost all new installations that require an engineer to make a home visit.

Instead, the company says it will focus its efforts on other “essential work” to ensure that existing customers and businesses are still able to stay connected. The decision was made with the safety of its customers and staff in mind.

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