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Skyward Sword on Nintendo Switch: New Amazon update gives Zelda fans hope

Classic Legend of Zelda games have been proving big hits on the Nintendo Switch ever since the console launched back in 2017, with Zelda Breath of the Wild remaining one of the best-reviewed games of recent years. Meanwhile, the remaster of Link’s Awakening was the last big Zelda project to be released on the Nintendo Switch and now another might be heading our way. That’s according to a new Amazon listing that has been spotted on the UK version of the retail site, revealing a Nintendo Switch page for Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Unfortunately, there is no further information supplied on the page, meaning no release date or game details. It does list a price 69.99, which seems a little on the expensive side for a Nintendo Switch game.

Without any further information on Amazon, it looks like this is a placeholder page and may have been listed by mistake.

But with a few big Nintendo anniversaries coming up and several holes in the company’s Switch release list for 2020, fans are hoping that Skyward Sword might be announced as the next big Zelda game for the handheld console.

Skyward Sword was released back in 2011 for the Nintendo Wii and would be an interesting project to see be ported to the Switch.

The original game focused gameplay around the Wii’s motion controls, which wouldn’t be an option for gamers who own a Nintendo Switch Lite.

For now, this new project will need to be classified as speculation and fans will need to be prepared for disappointing news in the future.

Nintendo’s next big Zelda project is officially Breath of the Wild 2, although little has been shared about the game since it was revealed during E3.

The original Legend of Zelda made its debut on the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1986. This means that 2021 marks 35-years since the series appeared on a Nintendo console.

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Based on a new trademark filed by Nintendo, the company has plans to celebrate the anniversary in style.

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