Slimmer celebrates incredible six stone weight loss after following simple diet plan

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Slimmer celebrates incredible six stone weight loss after following simple diet plan 1

When trying to lose weight and get into shape, slimmers can pick up tips from those who have already lost an impressive amount of weight. One slimmer was forced to to hide his body beneath baggy clothes for years before he managed to lose six stone following this particular diet and exercise plan.

How did Shaym lose weight?

Shyam Bhatt’s post-university body forced him to hide under baggy clothes and limit his social interaction until he discovered the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan.

According to Shyam, he first started noticing his weight gain when he began drinking alcohol and eating unhealthy foods at university.

Shyam said: “I found that I started over-indulging while studying, what with being away from home and the stresses of deadlines, and this didn’t stop even after I graduated.

“It had become a bad habit, one that I continued into my adult life, and I no longer thought it was possible for me to lose the weight.”

After seeing an unflattering photo of himself at a family event, Shyam decided it was time to turn his life around.

“I visited South Bank Food Festival with my family, and we were having some photos taken of us.

I was wearing baggy clothes, with a pint in my hand and I looked huge – I was so disappointed in myself. I asked myself, ‘is this really who I want to be?’ and the answer was no,” he confessed.

Spurred on by the unflattering photo, Shyam sought advice from his work colleagues, where he was recommended to try The 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan, so he nervously made a call to his local consultant, Fran Soleilhac.

“Fran immediately put any anxious feelings at ease, and I knew instantly that I’d made the right decision to change my lifestyle,” he said.

Shyam continued: “Fran would send messages of reassurance when I really needed it and always provided a helping hand.

“With Fran’s help and my motivation to succeed, I lost 12 pounds in my first week on Step 1 of the plan.

“I was now more motivated than ever to meet my target weight, and I started feeling happier and more confident as I saw the weight drop off.

“Not only has The 1:1 Diet impacted my personal life, but I’ve also noticed the benefits to my work life.

“I started seeing friends more regularly, was more self-assured in work meetings and I was even asked to take a lead on industry projects as a result.”

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