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Smash Bros Ultimate: DLC Character news ahead of Nintendo Fighters Pass 5 reveal

Smash Bros Ultimate: DLC Character news ahead of Nintendo Fighters Pass 5 reveal 1

While we still don’t know which character will be added to Super Smash Bros Ultimate as part of the next DLC and Fighters Pass, the reveal date might not be far off.

So far, gamers can add a total of four additional characters to the game on Nintendo Switch, including Joker, who can summon his Persona, Arsene, and power up his attacks for a limited time.

There is also The Hero from the Dragon Quest XI, complete with the Supreme Sword of Light, and Banjo & Kazooie from the Nintendo 64 generation.

Terry Bogard was the next surprise inclusion, sourced from the Fatal Fury series of fighting games.

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And there’s a lot of hype surrounding the next Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC character and when it will be revealed by Nintendo.

Not only does each Challenger Pack contain one new fighter but it also includes one new stage and additional music tracks.

And it appears that a new Nintendo Direct is being planned for January 2020, and if that is true, fans are almost guaranteed Super Smash news.

For now, this hasn’t been confirmed by Nintendo, who usually announces its next streaming event just a few days before it airs.

But a few things have cropped that suggest a Nintendo Direct is being planned for the coming weeks.

The last time the House of Mario held a proper Nintendo Direct was back in September, although there was also a Nindie event hosted by the company last month.

And when that happens, another big Direct event follows a month later.

There have also been a few retail leaks that suggest something is coming in the near future for Nintendo fans.

Gamestop has apparently updated its database with new Switch SKU Listings, without providing any names or release details.

In the past, this has pointed to an upcoming Direct event, which would then see the SKU listings updated with the new information.

This coincides with a PEGI 18+ rating popping up for Metro Exodus for the Nintendo Switch, another game that as yet to be announced.

This all seems to point to a big Nintendo Direct being hosted for the Switch, to announce all these new projects.

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And the timing also seems perfect for Super Smash Bros Ultimates news to be shared with fans.

When it comes to the characters that could be announced, there’s been plenty of guesses and online rumours shared.


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