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Solos FNCS announced for Season 3, Trios FNCS after

After the conclusion of the Solo Fortnite Championship Series Invitational, Epic had one very special announcement for you competitive players

Earlier today, Europe, NA-East and another handful of regions just wrapped up the final matches of the day 2 FNCS ladder. With over $ 100,000 allotted to the first place finishers in both major regions, the online stakes were higher than ever

We’ll get to that later though. For now, we need to talk about the biggest news of the month: a well communicated future in competitive Fortnite. When Chapter 3 of Season 2 arrives, an open stage multi-week solo FNCS ladder will put more players on the main stage

Not only that, but Fortnite did something quite unique this season by announcing the next two seasons of competitive formats. Chapter 4 of Season 2 was also announced simultaneously – Trios FNCS is the name of the game

While some prominent names aren’t too happy with the next season also being solos, Epic has already hedged their bets. Since we all know Trios is on the horizon, the developers have proactively decided to make next season’s cash cups a team-of-3 format

The future roadmap for competitive Fortnite is exciting. Let’s also not gloss over the underdog victories that told an unimaginable story. Most everyone was predicting the European crown falling in the lap of Mitro, Benjyfishy, Mongraal, or MrSavage, we saw Jannis pop off and quintuple his earnings in one weekend

Across the pond, Furious dominated the solo meta on NA-East this season, capitalizing his controlla’ aim and a bit of confidence to take him all the way to the $ 100,000 bag. Congrats to both participants and everyone who placed well in the Solo FNCS Invitational

What are your thoughts on the new competitive updates? Let us know on Twitter!

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