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Sony reveals its new 4K and 8K TVs with its lineup offering something for everyone

Sony reveals its new 4K and 8K TVs with its lineup offering something for everyone 1

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your ageing Sony TV then 2020 could be a good year to buy yourself something new. The Japanese technology firm has just lifted the lid on its new lineup of televisions and this year there’s something to suit all sizes, tastes and budgets.

If money is no option then the premier ZH8 could be for you with these 85 and 75-inch Full Array LED models offering stunning full 8K quality.

Along with a glorious picture that offers four times the resolution of 4K there’s also a new technology callled Frame Tweeter tucked inside which magically vibrates the frame of the TV to emit sound, giving customers the feeling that audio is coming directly from the screen.

Other features include a new backlit remote so customers can enjoy their viewing experience in darker environments and hands-free capabilities so you can talk to the TV and get a response.

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These 8K models are likely to be hugely expensive but Sony hasn’t forgotten those who might want something a little cheaper and smaller.

In fact, it’s announced the launch of the new A9 which is the first time Sony has added a 48-inch OLED screen to its range.

This, it says, is to meet consumer demand for smaller, premium quality OLED TVs.

The A9 has also been designed to be more adaptable with its small and central aluminium stand providing users with flexibility in smaller spaces.

Along with the premium picture quality and smaller size, this TV gets Sony’s clever Acoustic Surface Audio for immersive sound and there’s the new Ambient Optimization which optimises picture and sound quality in any customer environment.

That means the telly will automatically adjust the picture brightness to the ambient light in the room, boosting the brightness in bright rooms and reducing in dark rooms for the perfect view.

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