Home Lifestyle Sophie Wessex message hints she is 'peace-keeper-in-chief' among 'battling royals'

Sophie Wessex message hints she is 'peace-keeper-in-chief' among 'battling royals'

According to Judi, Sophie is keen not to make the quote about herself.

The analyst said: “Sophie hasn’t made this quote about herself but it’s hard to avoid spotting the empathy here.”

Judi claimed Sophie has settled into her role as a working royal and proven herself to be an invaluable member of the Firm.

The expert said: “After some mistakes in the earlier years of her marriage, Sophie appears to have kept her head down as a royal and quietly got on with both her job and her marriage in a way that the other top-rank members of the firm have struggled with.”

“These ‘capabilities’ have resulted in Sophie’s recent rise through the ranks as peace-keeper-in-chief, a kind of calm, experienced royal presence who can be trusted to do the job competently and to help guide and even placate some of the battling royals around her.”

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