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South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster: Biden Likely to Pull out Primary Win

Former Vice President Joe Biden will likely win Saturday’s primary in South Carolina because of backing from highly respected leaders such as Rep. Jim Clyburn, though in the end it doesn’t matter who Democrats end up nominating because President Donald Trump will win reelection, Gov. Henry McMaster said Friday.

“I think you will see a lot of other people coming out for Vice President Biden as well,” the Republican lawmaker said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.”

“In the end, it doesn’t make any difference who is going to get the nomination, because (President) Donald Trump is going to win. He has changed and is making America again.”

He added that South Carolina, under Trump, is “a stronger, happier place and we are going to stick with him, no matter what.”

Trump will rally supporters in North Charleston, S.C. Friday night and McMaster, one of the president’s first backers in 2016, said the event will be “wild.”

“I have never seen anything like it in all these years in politics and everybody I know,” said McMaster. “We have never seen anything like the enthusiasm and actual love people have for Donald Trump.”

He noted that in his state, there are “about 70,000 good jobs” available as the Trump economy has been good.

“People have confidence in the country,” he said. “They see that we are standing up around the world. Everybody who has a job who wants a job can have one here. The same all over the country. People are growing, prosperity is breaking out. I mean, it’s just a wonderful thing. And it’s all happened since Donald Trump has been president.”

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