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Space bombshell: Sun once had a TWIN – ‘Seemingly obvious in retrospect’

Another consequence is the elusive Planet Nine was captured rather than formed inside our cosmic neighbourhood.

Renowned astrologer Dr Avi Loeb and Harvard undergraduate Amir Siraj have announced the assumption can explain a lot about the solar system’s early years.

The existence of an ancient twin star in the Sun’s birth cluster can account for the formation of the Oort cloud.

A birth cluster is the collection of stars fusing from the same dense cloud of molecular gas.

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Dr Loeb said: “The puzzle is not only regarding the Oort clouds, but also extreme trans-Neptunian objects, like the potential Planet Nine.

“It is unclear where they came from, and our new model predicts that there should be more objects with a similar orbital orientation to Planet Nine.”

The debate about Planet Nine’s existence could finally be settled early next year.

The Vera C. Rubin Observatory (VRO) can confirm or deny the existence of Planet Nine and its origins.

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Mr Siraj is optimistic about the outcome, saying: ”If the VRO verifies the existence of Planet Nine, and a captured origin, and also finds a population of similarly captured dwarf planets, then the binary model will be favoured over the lone stellar history that has been long-assumed.”

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