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Steam Sale Countdown: Steam Summer Sale 2019 Date And Time PC Games Deals

STEAM fans saw the 2019 Steam summer sale kick off today, with some big-name PC games heading off with cash. Here's all you need to know about the new sale of Steam.

Steam sale

Steam sale – Steam summer sale 2019 date and time, PC games deals (Image: STEAM • GETTY)

STEAM SALE COUNTDOWN — UPDATE FOUR: The Steam store is open after the outage which coincided earlier today with the launch of the 2019 Steam summer sale.

When the 2019 Steam summer sale went live at 6 pm BST today, Down Detector reported a spike in Steam down posts.

But now it looks like these problems have been solved by Steam enthusiasts that can take advantage of the fantastic Steam sales deals that are currently running.

Devil May Cry 5, Assassin’s 2019 Creed Odyssey, Prey and Football Manager earned big discounts in the summer sale of Steam.

The latest sale of Steam also provides savings on the franchises of Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Dishonored and Civilization.

Here are some of the best deals in the Steam summer sale 2019…

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• Devil May Cry • £29.69 • SAVING 34 PER CENT

• Assassin’s Creed Odyssey • £24.99 • HALF PRICE SAVING

• Prey • £9.99 • HALF PRICE SAVING

• Football Manager 2019 • £12.91 • SAVING 66 PER CENT

• Soul Calibur VI • £16.49 • SAVING 67 PER CENT

• Mortal Kombat franchise • SAVE UP TO 70 PER CENT

• Civilization franchise • SAVE UP TO 75 PER CENT

• Resident Evil franchise • SAVE UP to 87 PER CENT

• Dishonored franchise • SAVE UP TO 67 PER CENT

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STEAM SALE — UPDATE THREE: The 2019 Steam Summer Sale is now live with Valve offering great discounts on popular PC games.

The 2019 Steam summer sale has launched today as expected, and the new Steam sale will run until July 9.

In the new Steam sale, big name games discounted include Devil May Cry 5, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, and Life Is Strange 2.

The cost of Devil May Cry was reduced to £ 29.69 while the Creed Odyssey of Assassin was reduced to £ 24.99.

In Steam sales, Life Is Strange 2 is reduced by up to 50%, while the Mortal Kombat franchise is reduced by up to 70%.

Steam summer sale

The Steam summer sale 2019 has kicked off, with money off some big name games (Image: STEAM)

STEAM SALE — UPDATE TWO: The 2019 Steam Summer Sale will soon begin.

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The latest Steam sale is rumored to kick off today at 6 pm BST, bringing with it plenty of new discounts for PC games.

Before the launch of the 2019 video game analyst Steam summer sale, Mat Piscatella spoke about the rumors.

Piscatella tweeted: “Starting today, the Steam Summer Sale reported. I do hope exploration activities connected to it will help. I’m sure there’s a lot of new games hidden under the muck, hope those games will have space to shine.

STEAM SALE–UPDATE ONE: The 2019 Steam Summer Sale is expected to start today.

Valve is believed to release brand new deals for PC games with the next Steam sale, which is supposed to start at 6 pm BST.

According to whenisthenextsteamsale.com, that runs a countdown on their website until the beginning of the Steam summer sale.

The company has an enviable track record, but cautioned that the current anticipated start date for Steam sales has not yet been confirmed.

So the release of the 2019 Steam summer sale may differ by a couple of days.

ORIGINAL: Steam gamers in the Steam Summer Sale 2019 will soon be able to pick up some money-saving offers.

According to the reliable whenisthenextsteamsale.com, the Steam summer sale 2019 is expected to start soon.

The page has become an invaluable resource for Steam fans as Valve does not normally announce the dates for their forthcoming sales for Steam.

Whenisthenextsteamsale.com bases its forecasts, among other factors, on the launch dates of recent Steam sales as well as reports from multiple sources.

Steam summer sale

The Steam summer sale 2019 is rumoured to start on Tuesday June 25 (Image: STEAM)

And they expect the beginning of the 2019 Steam summer sale at 6 pm BST on Tuesday June 25.

Whenisthenextsteamsale.com has not verified this prediction, and it is by no means guaranteed that it will occur at that time.

But the site has an enviable track record to forecast the beginning of Steam’s upcoming sales.

Explaining how the dates of future Steam sales are expected, whenisthenextsteamsale.com said: “Valve rarely releases Steam sales dates up front, but Steam sales return on a relatively stable schedule every year.

“The future sales dates are estimated on the basis of information from the last few years.

“These forecasts are a mixture of the following factors: days and months when a sale started, what day of the week a sale usually begins, how long a sale usually lasts, which dates / events a sale usually hits, times are based on the time zone of the East Pacific.

“In addition, when there is more data in recent news, the dates are updated every now and then.

“As you can see, there are several sources to find out when a sale is most likely to begin.”

The fan-based site also cautioned that if they do not confirm a rumored start date, it may “deviate a couple of days.”

What games are included during the 2019 Steam Summer Sale remains to be seen.

Big games like PUBG, Ni No Kuni 2, Fallout 4, Dead Cels and Assetto Corsa were all discounted during the last Steam summer sale.

Steam’s summer sale 2019 will come after Steam’s most recent May Spring Cleaning event. Instead of providing discounted offers on top PC games, Steam’s events provided incentives for playing games in a customer library already.

Steam users are given daily tasks with players being offered badges and trophies.

Source: Express.co.uk

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