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Steph McGovern: BBC Breakfast star brands co-host a k**b telling him to 'wind his neck in'

It came after Steph decided to ask Geoff about his “weaknesses” as he took part in a pretend interview for his producer role.

After Geoff responded, she proceeded to ask Claire the same question.

“Oh, gosh. That’s such a hard question. I’ve probably got loads,” Claire began.

“It’s a really cr***y question because it’s one of those where you have to turn it into a positive question.”

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“I don’t know,” Claire remarked, before her co-host suggested: “Technology?”

After she agreed and laughed, Steph interjected with: “You’re not supposed to answer it for her, Geoff.”

Claire then discussed her response: “Now, this could get really, really personal. I’m not very good at technology but I try. There you go, I turned it into a positive. I take courses to make myself better. All of that jazz.

“I’m really not good at technology, honestly I’m really not. I’ve probably got a few weaknesses if we’re going to go down that [road] but Geoff, I wouldn’t say that in an interview because I want them to think I’m good at those things.”

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The latter questioned: “So, what would you say? This is an interview situation. You’ve been asked the question, what’s the answer?”

Steph waded in to add: “Geoff, can you just wind your neck in a bit here, love? It’s me who is the interviewer! If I want to ask the question, I will.”

After he and Claire gathered themselves, Geoff replied: “You’ve gone awol!

“How long are you giving her?”

Steph then light-heartedly blasted: “Longer than you because you’re being a k**b!” which left the trio in hysterics.

Source Daily Express :: Celebrity News Feed

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