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Steph McGovern makes 'honest' admission in rare chat about partner: 'I feel left out'

Steph McGovern, 37, was joined on her podcast Not Bad for a Monday by co-stars Geoff and Claire this week and she made an “honest” admission about her partner. The Channel 4 star spoke candidly about her home life as the mum-of-one revealed her other half is “obsessed with utensils”.



The small-screen star discussed her partner as show producer Geoff quizzed Steph on the couple’s relationship.

The host explained her girlfriend had recently purchased a new BBQ but didn’t want Steph getting her hands on it.

“Do you think she’s one of those people who fancies inanimate objects?” Steph quizzed.

Geoff quipped: “I think she might be. I have noticed in the past she’s given the eye to a hob oven.”

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Steph McGovern’s rare partner admission: ‘I feel left out’ (Image: WENN/CHANNEL 4)

Steph McGovern has remained tight-lipped on her relationship (Image: GETTY)

Steph chuckled: “That will explain why we’ve got two microwaves.”

As the Channel 4 star began her introduction on the podcast, her co-star Geoff would not let up on Steph’s partner’s activities.

“Does she keep the microwaves in different rooms? Is she having an affair – is she cheating on one microwave with the other?” he joked.

Steph laughed: “She is obsessed with her utensils and bits of kit for cooking. In a way that makes me feel left out, I’ll be honest with you.”

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Steph McGovern gave birth to the couple’s daughter last year (Image: GETTY)

The cheeky confession comes after the TV presenter explained the family had purchased a new outdoor grill.

“The Mrs wants to do a BBQ so she said to me, ‘Listen, I need you out of the way because I need to get to know my grill,'” Steph explained.

“That’s what she said. I need to get to know my grill because she just bought a new BBQ.”

Steph continued: “She said, ‘You won’t understand it because you don’t cook. I’ve got to get to know the grill.’ And I said, ‘What kind of creepy statement is that? What are you going to do with the grill to get to know it?’

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Steph McGovern is a former presenter on BBC Breakfast (Image: GETTY)

“She replied, ‘I’ve got to get to know my tools, the temperature. So if you wouldn’t mind just leaving me to it?'”

Steph has remained relatively tight-lipped on her relationship with her girlfriend, after the couple welcomed their first daughter together in November.

She previously explained the pair are planning to recreate a restaurant or bar at home in an attempt to have a date night amid the nationwide lockdown.

“And I’ve said that I want a date night. So once the baby is asleep we’re basically going to pretend that we’re going out,” the Channel 4 host told listeners.

“So we’re going to turn one of the rooms into a restaurant or a bar and pretend that we’re out.”

Meanwhile, Steph recently fronted Channel 4 show How To Go On Holiday This Summer, following the recent global crisis.

In view of her 403,000 Twitter followers, she penned: “On telly in 10mins….my doco on holidaying this summer 7.15pm @Channel4.

“Looking at things like….what to do if you’ve got one booked, which hols most likely to be allowed with easing of lockdown +what your options might be with staycations, package holidays and going abroad.”(sic)

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